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  Passes in the European Alps - alphabetical order

- contains two sided summits, both paved road and unpaved, even though almost all are paved
- s(u) is short for an unnamed summit; (sh) for unnamed shoulder summit
- border passes are listed under both countries.
- Elevations refer to the maximum altitude along the approaches. If this maximum elevation differs from the pass altitude, the pass altitude follows in ().
- (d)escription - the page has one
- (p)rofile - the page has an elevation profile
- (g)erman translation - there is a link to a German version

Surface d/g p Elevation (m) Mountains/Range
Nearby Towns
Ammersattel paved d
1118 alps - Ammergebirge Reutte, Oberammergau Au/Ge
Brenner Pass paved d p 1375 alps - Nord/Suedtirol Innsbruck, Sterzing Au/It
Furkajoch paved d
1761 Alps - Vorarlberg Rankweil, Au -
Hahntennjoch paved d p 1894 Lechtaler Alps Imst, Elmen -
Hochalmsattel double track trail d
Lechtaler Alps Scharntiz, Hinterriss -
Hochtannbergpass paved
d p
1690 (1660) Algaeuer Alps/ Lechtaler Alps Steg, Schrecken -
Kartitscher Sattel paved
d p 1526
Osttirol Sillian, Koetschach-Mauthen -
Klammjoch double track trail
d p 2288
Hohe Tauern
Sankt Jakob iD, Rain - Taufers
Kuehtaisattel paved
d p 2017
Stubaier Alps Oetz, Zirl -
Ploeckenpass paved
Carniche Alps
Koetschach-Mauthen, Tolmelzzo
Staller Sattel paved
Alps - Osttirol - Defereggengebirge St Jakob iD, Valdoara Olang Au/It
Tiliacher Joch single / double track
d p 2094
Carniche Alps
Timmelsjoch paved
d p 2509
Stubaier Alps/ Oetztaler Alps St Leonard, Soelden Au/It
Ajon (Col d') unpaved d p 1411 Savoi Alps Megevette, Villard
Allos (Col d') paved d p 2247 Haute Provence Alps Barcellonnette -
Aravis (Col des) paved d p 1498 Savoi Alps Flumet, la Clusaz -
Arces (Col d') paved d p 1164 Savoi foothills Lulin
Areches (Cormet d') unpaved d p 2107 Haute Savoi Alps Flumet, la Clusaz -
Arpettaz (Col de l') paved d p 1581 Alps Ugine -
Banquettes (Col de) paved d p 741 Maritime Alps Ste Agnes, Menton -
Barnabe (Col de St.) paved d p 1365 Haute Provence Alps Castellane -
Bas (Col) paved d p 1199 Maritime Alps Caille, Andon -
Bleine (Col de) paved d p 1439 Maritime Alps Ste Auban -
Braus (Col de) paved d p 1002 Maritime Alps Sospel -
Buis (Col du) paved d p 1199 Haute Provence Alps Brianconette -
C3 La Plagne s(u) paved d p 1175 Savoi foothills Lulin
Castellaras (Col) paved d p 1248 Maritime Alps Grelieres, Andon -
Castillon (Col du) paved d p 628 Maritime Alps Menton -
Cayolle (Col de la) paved d p 2326 Maritime Alps/ Haut Provence Alps Barcellonnette, St Martin d'Entraunes -
Champs (Col des) paved d p 2087 Maritime Alps Allos -
Chateauneuf (Col de) paved d p 628 Maritime Alps
Chaussy (Col de) paved d p 1532 Chartreuse La Chambre, St Jean Maurienne -
Chemin de la Greo: Berre les Alps s(u) paved d p 670 Maritime Alps Nice -
Cheminn Stategique des Banquettes s(u) unpaved d p 1090 Maritime Alps

Cluse  (Col de la) paved d p 1170 Chartreuse Chambery -
Cochette (Col de) paved d p 587 Savoi Alps Montmelian -
Cornille (Col de) paved d p 1387 Maritime Alps Caille, Andon -
Coq (Col de) paved d p 1434 Chartreuse Grenoble -
Cou (Col de) paved d p 1116 le Voirons Annemasse
Couz (Col de) paved d p 636 Chartreuse Chanbery -
Cretes (Route de) s(u) paved d p 1314 Haute Provence Alps St Jean de Maurienne, St Sorlin d'Arves -
Croix de Fere (Col de la) paved d p 2067 Alps - Seybelles St Jean de Maurienne, St Sorlin d'Arves -
Croix Fry (Col de la) paved d p 1477 Savoi Alps Thones, la Clusaz -
Cucheron (Col du) paved d p 1140 Chartreuse Chambery -
D1-D2209 Carros Village(sh) paved d p 339 Maritime Alps

D1 Bouyon(sh) paved d p 634 Maritime Alps Nice -
D-2 Clues de Greolieres/ Plan du Peyron(sh) paved
d p 1182
Maritime Alps
D17 - D427 Rourebel(sh) paved d p 987 Maritime Alps Rourebel -
D-19 Levens(sh) paved d p 540 Maritime Alps Levens -
D26 Tournefort s(u) paved d p 520 Maritime Alps Tournefort -
D27 Ascros s(u) paved d p 1152 Maritime Alps Ascros -
D32 La Tour s(u) paved d p 595 Maritime Alps la Tour -
D32 Utelle s(u) paved d p 878 Maritime Alps Utelle -
D42 Belvedere du Mont du Chat s(u) paved d p 1504 Rhone Alps Chambery -
D71 Le Petit St-Maimes s(u) paved d p 975 Haute Provence Alps Trigance -
D71 Tunnel du Fayet s(u) paved d p 961 Haute Provence Alps Aiglunes -
D207 Aiguebelle - St P. de A(sh) paved d p 600 Haute Savoie Alps Aiguebelle
D211B Villard Reculas paved d p 1538 Sauvenne Alps Bourg d'Oisans, Villard Reculas -
D215-615 Berre-les-Alpes s(u) paved d p 595 Maritime Alps Berre les Alps -
D236 La Houile(sh) paved d p 1100 Alp foothills Annemasse
D719 Aspremont s(u) paved d p 530 Maritime Alps Nice -
Ecre (Col de l') paved d p 1146 Maritime Alps Grasse -
Echelle (Col de l') paved d p 1762 France - alps Bardonecchia, Briancon -
Egaux (Col des) paved d p 958 Chartreuse Chambery -
Epine (Col de l') paved d p 965 (947) Savoi Alps Marlens, Serraval -
Eze (Col d') paved d p 507 Maritme Alps Nice, Eze -
Felines (Col de) paved d p 930 Haute Provence Alps Entrevaux -
Festre (Col du) paved d p 1442 alps Veynes, S. Didier -
Forclaz (Col de la) paved d p 870 Savoi Alps Queige, Ugine -
Forclaz (Col de la) paved d p 1157 Savoi Alps Menthon St Bernard, St Jorioz
Frene (Col du) paved d p 950 Rhone Alps Chambery -
Galibier (Col du) paved d p 2642 Savoi/Haute Alps Valoire
Glandon (Col du) paved d p 1942 alps - Chne de Belledonne Allemont, St Etienne de Cuines -
Grand Cucheron (Col de) paved d p 1183 Savoie Alps Aiguebelle -
Granier (Col du) paved d p 1134 Chartreuse Chanbery -
Illoire (Col d') s(u) paved d p 1188 Haute Var Alps Aiglunes -
Iseran (Col de)

p 2770
Val d'Isere, Bonnevlille sur Arc
Izoard (Col de)

p 2361
Briancon, Guillestre
Larche (Col du) paved d p 1997 Maritime Alps Jausier Fr/It
Lautaret (Col du) paved

p 2057
Bourg d'Oisans, Briancon -
Lindar (Col du) unpaved d p 1350 Savoi Alps- Massif de Bauges Chanbery -
Luen (Col de) paved d p 1054 Haute Provence Alps Castellane
Madeleine (Col de la) paved d p 1993 alps le Chambre, Bonneval -
Madone (Col de) paved
d p 927
Maritime alps
Ste Agnes, Menton
Malissol (Col de) paved d p 1153 Rhone Alps la Mure -
Marcieu (Col de) paved d p 1060 Chartreuse Goncelin -
Marocaz (Col de) paved d p 968 Savoi Alps- Massif de Bauges St Jean de la Porte, Chanbery -
Moissiere (Col de) paved d p 1573 Haute Provence Alps la Mure -
Mollard (Col du) paved d p 1638 Alps - Seybelles St Jean de Maurienne -
Mont Cenis (Col du) paved d p 2099 Alps - France Susa, Lanslebourg -
Mont Saleve Northern Summit s(u) paved d p 1275 Savoi Alps Geneva -
Montgenevre (Col de) paved d p 1850 Alps - France Briancon, Susa -
Morte (Col de la) paved d p 1368 Alps la Morte -
Moyenne Corniche(sh) paved d p 371 Maritime Alps Nice -
Nice (Col de) paved d p 419 Maritime Alps l'Escarene -
Noyer (Col de) paved d p 1664 Alps Devoley St Eteinne en Devoley, Poligny -
Orme (Col de l') s(u) paved d p 1250 Maritime Alps

Ornon (Col d') paved
p 1373 alps La Paute, Entraique -
Pacrace (Col de) paved d p 670 Maritime Alps Nice
Perret (Col de) paved d p 963 alp foothills Annemasse
Parpaillon s(u) (Tunnel de) unpaved d p 2637 Haute Provence Alps/ Haute Alps la Condamine -
Pitons (Col de) paved d p 1335 Mont Saleve Annemasse
Plainpalais (Col de) paved d p 1174 Savoi Alps - Massif de Bauges Chambery -
Plateau des Bornes s(u) paved d p 920 Alp foothills la Roche sur Foron
Pontis (Col de) paved d p 1301 Haute Provence Alps Pontis (Lac de Serre Poncon) -
Porte (Col de) paved d p 1326 Chartreuse Grenoble -
Porte (Col de la) paved d p 1068 maritime alps Luceram, Lantosque -
Pre (montee du Col de) paved d p 1748 (1703) Haute Savoi Alps Areches, Beaufort -
Pres (Col des) paved d p 1134 Savoi Alps - Massif des Bauges Chambery -
Quatre Chemins (Col de) paved d p 327 maritime alps Nice, Eze -
Roselend (Cormet de) paved d p 1968 Alps Bourg St Maurice, Beaufort -
Saint Leger (Col) unpaved d p 1070 Maritime Alps St Leger, Puget-Theniers -
Saint Martin (Col) paved d p 1500 Maritime Alps St Martin Vesubie, Valdeblore -
Saint Roch (Col de) paved d p 990 Maritime Alps Luceram, Coroaze -
Saises (Col des) paved d p 1633 Savoi Alps les Saises -
Sarenne (Col de) paved d p 1999 Alps Bourg d'Oisans, Alp d'Huez -
Savel (Col du) unpaved d p 974 Maritime Alps Nice -
Saxel (Col de) paved d p 974 Savoie Alps Annemasse
Solude (Col de) unpaved d p 1680 Alps Bourg d'Oisans, Villard Notre Dame -
Telegraphe (Col de) paved d p 1566 Savoi Alps St Michelle Maurienne
Tamie (Colle de) paved d p 960 Savoi Alps Albertville, Faverges -
Tende (Col de) unpaved dg p 1870 Maritime Alps Tende Fr/It
Trebuches (Col de) paved d p 1143 Haute Provence Alps Entrevaux -
Turini (Col de) paved d p 1607 maritime alps Sospel -
Vars (Col de) paved d p 2109 Haute Provence Alps Guillestre
Vence (Col de)
d p 983
maritime alps
Vence, l'Escarene
Via del Sale s(u) single track d p 2266 Maritime Alps Tende -
Village du Loop - Longchamp s(u) unpaved d p 1901 Alps La Chambre, Longchamp
Achenpass paved
alp foothills

Ammersattel paved
alps - Ammergebirge
Reutte, Oberammergau
Ampolo (Pso) paved d p 747m Italy - Alps Riva del Garda, Storo
Assietta (Strada dell') s(u) unpaved d p 2530m Italy - Alps Sestriere -
Bordala (Pso) paved d p 1253m Italy - Alps Rovereto, Lopio
Brennero (pso) paved d p 1375 Alps - Nord/Suedtirol Insbruck, Sterzing It/Au
Campolongo (pso. di) paved
Corvara, Araba
Cason di Lanza (pso del) narrow paved
Caniche Alps
Pontebba, Paularo
Costalunga (pso)
see Karerpass

Duran (pso di) paved d
1601 dolomites Agordo -
Eira (Passo d') paved d p 2208 Italy - alps Bormio, Livorno -
Erbe (pso delle)
see Wuerzjoch

Fauniera (Colle) paved d p 2481 Ligurian Alps Demonte, Valgrana -
Finestre (Colle delle) unpaved d p 2176 Italy - alps Susa, Pinerolo -
Foscagno (Passo di) paved d p 2291 Italy - alps Bormio, Livigno -

d p 1789
Gardena (pso)
see Groedner Joch

d p 1518
Suedtirol/Trento Meran, Fondo -
Gavia (Passo di) paved d p 2621 alps Bormio, Edolo -
Groedner Joch
Jaufenpass paved
d p 2099
Suedtirol - alps
Sterzing, St Leonard
Jochgrimm double track trail
Suedtirol/Trento - dolomites
d p 1752
Suedtirol/Trento - dolomites
Klammjoch double track trail
d p 2288
Hohe Tauern
Sankt Jakob iD, Rain - Taufers
Suedtirol/Belluno - dolomites
Innichen, S Stefano
Langan (Colle di) paved d p 1130 Ligurian Alps Molina di Triora -
Lius (Forcella di) paved
d p 1075
Carniche Alps
Paularo, Paluzza
Maddalena (Colle della) see Col de Larche
Maniva (Passo) paved d p 1664 Italy - Alps Lodrone, Collio -
d p 1363
Mendola (pso)
see Mendelpass

Monte Croce Comelico (pso di) see Kreuzbergpass
Monte Croce Carnico (pso di)
see Ploeckenpass

Monte Giovo (pso) see Jaufenpass -
Monte Varagna s(u) trail d p 1710m Italy - Trentino Alps Riva del Garda, Bretonico -
Nigerpass paved d p 1774(1688) Suedtirol - dolomites Bozen -
Nigra (pso) see Nigerpass
Oclini (pso di)
see Jochgrimm

Palade (pso di)
see Gampenpass

Pennes (pso) see Penser Joch
Penser Joch
d p 2214
Suedirol - alps
Sterzing, Bozen
Pordoi Joch (or pso)
Canazei, Araba
Rombo (pso di)
see Timmelsjoch

San Osvaldo (pso di) paved
d p 827
San Pellegrino (pso di) paved d
1918 dolomites Moena -
San Zeno (Colle di) paved d p 1434 Italy - Alps Lovero, Anfo -
Santa Barbara (Pso) paved d p 115 Italy - Alps Arco, Loppio -
Sella Joch paved d
2244 dolomites Canazei -
Sestriere (Colle) paved d p 2033 Italy - Alps Claviere, Pinerolo -
SP3 Monte Baldo s(u) paved d p 1620 Italy - Alps Bretonico -
SP212 Moncenisio s(u) paved d p 1420 Italy - Alps Susa -
Stalle (pso) see Staller Sattel
Staller Sattel
2052 Defereggengebirge Huben It/Au
Stilfserjoch paved d p 2757 Italy - Ortler Group Bormio, Schlanders
Tenda (Colle de) see Col du Tende

Tiliacher Joch single / double track d p 2094
Carniche Alps
Tremalzo (Passo) unpaved d p 1840 Italy - Alps Molina de Ledro
Umbrail Pass unpaved (short section) d p 2502 Ortler Group Bormio, Muestair It/Sw
Wuerzjoch paved
d p 2004
Brixen, Klausen, Bruneck

Dreznica - Kal Karitnica summit(u) trail with portage
d p 1305
Julian Alps
Kobarid, Bovec
Vrsic Pass
d p 1611
Julian Alps
Bovec, Kranjska Gora
Vrsno summit(u) paved
d p 590
Julian Alps
Kobarid, Tolmin
Albula Pass

p 2315
Berguen, Zernez
San Bernardino

p 1065
Bellinzona, Thusis
Sankt Gotthard Pass paved

p 2108
Airolo, Andermatt -
Umbrail Pass unpaved (short section) d p 2502 Ortler Group Bormio, Muestair It/Sw