Col de Luens

The busy N85 route du Napoleon descends over this pass into Castellane towards the Gorge du Verdun. After many miles of side roads north of this road, the traffic on a Thursday, which also happened to be a holiday, came as a shock. There are no shoulders on this road, but traffic was still considerate.

1.(00.0km,946m) START-END EAST: jct with D452 (route de la Riviere), road crosses Ravin du Villard
2.(1.9km,1054m) TOP: Col de Luens
3.(10.3km,736m) START-END WEST: Castellane


From East. This side is a very short approach. Approaching point 1 from either D452 or the Route de Napoleon, both roads descend from a somewhat higher elevations than Col de Luens. But the drop from the pass to point 3 is more than 100 meters. Therefor these other higher points are here not considered to be the highest point of "Col de Luens", but separate summits. I approached this pass by coming from one of these summits, D542 through Peyroules. This is a pleasant little road, really a much nicer bike ride than this pass.

From West. (described downwards) The the descent on the west side of this forested summit is quite an ride. The church above Castellane can already be seen from near the top, and it persists on staying in view for 90 percent of my pictures of this area. South east of Castellane, the scenery only gets better as the road continues downhill towards the Gorge du Verdun.

 approaching Castellane from
                                      Col de Luens

Extended Tour:

(<D2 Clue de Greoliere , <D452 Peyroules(sh)|Col St Barnabe>)
D452 Peyroules(sh), D2 Clue de Greoliere(sh), Col de Luens: Greoliers > D2 Clue de Greolieres/Plan du Peyron(sh) > Valderoure > D452 Peyroules (sh) > route du Napoleon > Col de Luens > Castellane <> maybe 15 miles of out and backs around Castellane: 51.0 miles with 4920ft of climbing in 4:46hours (VDO MC1.0 m4.12.5.17).

A day ride from the finishing point of this day is on the page: Route des Cretes s(u)

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