Groedner Joch
aka Passo Gardena

Highest Point:
Western Approach:

from Chiusa (516m) 1605m 37+1/2km
from Ortisei (1235m) 886m 22km
from Sella pass turnoff (1871m)
Eastern Approach:

from Corvara (1522m) 599m 9+1/2km


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Groedner Joch seems to be the favorite pass of the Sella loop, according to many cyclists. It's not quite as crowded as on the adjoining Sella Joch up here, so the invitation to linger a bit longer is stronger. Also the vantage point up here is arguably the most interesting. You're a little further away from all the brash cliffs and Kofels surrounding the surrealistic Sella Pass, and from a distance they seem even larger. On the Corvara side a spaghetti salad of switchbacks is the main attraction.



From West. It's not very far down the descent of the Sella Joch, that one can turn right up the next pass, the Groedner Joch. Three ramps lead to a straight traverse along the Grand Champanil de Murfreit (2624m). Then it's a few spagehtti like curves through the alpine grass and the top is reached.

From East. (described downwards) This side of the Sella Massif is especially precipitous. That's the mountains, but not so much the road. Instead the road has the most far flung switchbacks of the entire Sella loop, in order to negotiate the drop. Even the usually speeding motor cyclists feel compelled to stop and pull out their camaras in order to take picture of one another negotiating the turns. Meanwhile to the back of the riders, the Sella Group shows its snowiest side. There are a number of scenic benches on the descent that make attractive lunch stops. Once entering the busy skiing town of Korvara, every centimeter of real estate with a view is neatly divided up for hotel guests, and labeled as such. The next public bench that I could find is down in the valley, direction pso di Campolongo.


A first ride over the Sella Group passes, with an addtional short approach, with lots of stops to take pictures: Fontanac > Canazei > Sella Joch > Groedner Joch > pso di Campalongo > pso di Pordoi > Fontanac measured  45 miles with 6900ft of climbing in 5:0 hours.



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