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Sella di Razzo / Sella di Rioda s(u)

This summit is located near a junction where three paved roads meet, and all of them cross or come near named "Sellas", high mountain meadows. A point just before Sella di Rioda (signed at 1780m)  seems to be the highest point on these three meeting roads. There is a sign there, but it is not marked on any of the maps I have seen. Instead my map labels that point as Sella di Razzo. However I seem to remember a sign placing Sella di Razza (signed at 1760m) past the junction and the highest point on the profile. The last mentioned point has the best views on all the serrated edges in 270 degrees.

01.START-END WEST:Enemonzo
02.profile turns right ontp SP73 in Ampezzo
03.last long tunnel exits at Lago di Sauris
04.Sauris di Sotto
05.Sauris di Sopra
06.hghest point at Sella di Rioda/ near Sella di Razzo s(u), 5971ft
07.profile turns left onto Sp619
08.Sella Campigiotto
09.Vigo di Cadore
10.jct Ss51-ss52, Vigos Di Cadore


From East.
There are two ways to get to Sauris from Ampezzo, that are very close and almost parallel, if it wasn't for that steep ridge separating them. This profile follows SP73 as it climbs through the green slopes in order to cling at half height onto the wall of a steep slot-like canyon. In order to make this more realistic, the road goes through several tunnels up to 600 meters long, 3 long ones and a few shorter ones.

The last tunnel emerges at the shore of a reservoir, and the other approach over a pass joins in from across the dam and another tunnel. Next along the climb are the vaccation towns Sauris di Sotto and Sauris di Sopra. The sturdy wooden houses crowding around a church have a somewhat Germanic look to them. The road keeps on climbing across from a serrated cone, shrouded partly by clouds. Eight numbered switchbacks constitute the steepest part of the climb, and the road seems undecided just if it wants to go above treeline or not in this angular valley.

The top section are several gentle high alpine meadows. Each Sella is named and they are fairly close in height and location. The highest point turns out to be a point slightly before the sign anouncing Sella di Razzo. There is a picturesque bench there, perfect for gazing at the serrated ridge across the valley

From West. (described downwards). At the junction just past the high point, both directions go generally downhill. This profile takes the left over Sella di Razzo. At 1760 meters it is slightly lower than the summit, but it has the most amazing views along the way, especially with the light I had.

Then past the Sella di Campigotto (1790m) the far views give way to switchbacks in deep forest, with a peak disrupting the green peace every once in a while. Below are more strategically placed vacation towns, amongst them Lorenzago di Cadore, where big rectangles of stately vacation lodges line up over the soccer field and below the serrated ridges. From here there is a way to cut over to the base of Passo di Maurio. But the profile continues on down into the valley of the Piave.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Cesta Na Mangart | Passo della Pura > )

Sella di Razzo s(u) , Passo della Mauria: Ampezzo > up SP73 > Sauris di Sotto > Sauris di Sopra > Sella di Razzo s(u) >  Sella Campigotto(shp) > Vigo di Cadore > Lorenzago di Cadore > Passo della Mauria > Forni di Soprs > Forni di Sotto <> detour around a tunnel that turned out to be closed [the detour was closed, not the tunnel] > back to starting point in Ampezzo: 57.7m with 7100ft of climbing in 6:13hrs (garmin etrex30 r5:21.9.22)