Col de Pacrace

Col de Pacrace is a shoulder point on one of the favorite popular rides in this area: Col De La Madone De Gorbio. But even without climbing to this higher point, and just crossing this pass, you traverse one of the most unusual hilltown settings in this area: the village Pacrace.

01.(20m,00.0km) START-END SOUTH 1: Nice harbor
02.(327m,06.9km) Col de Quatre Chemins(shp)
03.(507m,11.4km) Col D'Eze(shp)
04.(557m,17.7km) Col de la Guerre(shp)
05.(670m,23.7km) TOP: Col de Pacrace
06.(640m,25.6km) Peille
07.(122m,38.4km) profile turns left from D21 onto D2204 towards Cantaron
08.(40m,46.7km) START-END SOUTH 2: Nice, near railway station


The climbing is pretty much over after reaching the highest point on the way to Col d'Eze or the Haute Corniche. Turning inland the route leaves behind most of the tourists and the incredible coastal views. It barely reaches a crest at the turnoff to Col De Madone. But on the other side of the pass, you can now see the village of Pacrace, resembling something bees build out of wax from this vantage point.

From North. (described downwards). The road goes through a short tunnel, wich is nontheless important enough that it sometimes manages to close the entire approach on this side. As the road approaches Pacrace, it goes through numerious short tunnels, separated by viewing perches on the village across the chasm. The closer the road gets, the more more precarious and interesting the building situation looks. Directly across stands a town park up high on a rock, the way to get up to it, a complete puzzle for now.

Descending a little further beyond Pacrace, a small turnoff back into the mountains leads up the Chemin Strateguiqe des Banquettes s(u). But this profile continues downhill. Below the turnoff, the area slowly looks more industrial, when the rock quarry below takes center stage.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Col de l'Orme s(u)