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Sella Chiunzutan

Looking at this road on the map, you would suspect that it has very light traffic. It is a connection that parallels a much busier road in the valley in the valley of the river Tagliamento, south of the city Tolmezzo. But this road goes through curvier terrain following narrow canyons and crosses a plateau top. And yes - traffic is light, in spite of the fact that this is a pretty wide road. My favorite part is the descent into Tolmezzo, for which there are several options.

1.START-END WEST: low point at bridge over Torrente Arzino
2.turnoff to route over Sella Chiampon
3.TOP:Sella Chiunzutan, 954m
4.Chiaicis, profile goes left here
5.START-END EAST: bridge over Tagliamento south of Villa Santina


From South.
Riding through San Francesco, and surveying the road and landscape ahead, it seems there would not be enough space in this narrow slot between green tables, to accommodate a road of this size. But actually there is, and before the canyon gets too narrow the road pulls and escape trick with the help of 4 tornanti to get to the summit meadow. On the summit is an Inn catering to cyclists.


From North. (described downwards). The most interesting views on this Sella come a little further down this side. They are of the sharp peaks behind Tolmezzo. Especially the highest one is a wizzard of cloud construction, during turbulent athmosphere days, like I was experiencing. If it's sunny on the bike, there may well be a thunderstorm over the mountains behind Tolmezzo. At little later it was raining on the bike, and the mountain produced cumulus-nimbus high into the sky, surrounded by sunshine on Tolmezzo.

Rather than descending directly into Tolmezzo the profile stays on a balcony of sorts and takes in the views of Villa and its church and then decends into Vilino, crossing the river Tagliamento a little further upstream. No pictures from that part of the tour - it was raining profusely.


A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on the page: Passo Di Monte Rest