Col De Coq

On the south eastern side of the Chartreuse Ridge a road runs along the length of the ridge at about half height. There are great views of massive limestone cliffs above, and there are more cliffs below, even if they are not immediately visible. This road connects that traverse with the valley, that runs along the center of the Chartreuse plateau. This is the highest paved pass in the Chartreuse and has the reputation of being one of the most difficult in that region.

1.(250m,00.0km) START-END EAST: jct D1090-D30D, La Terrasse
2.(900m,07.7km)route stays left in Saint Bernard
3.(960m,15.7km)shortcut to D30e over Chemin des Egots
4.(1434m,21.3km)TOP: Col De Coq
5.(820m,33.5km)Saint Pierre De Chartreuse
6.(420m,44.2km)START-END WEST:Saint-Laurent-Du-Pont


From East.
The profile starts at the bottom of the valley of the river Isere from Saint Nazaire les Eymes, in order to show as direct an approach as possible. But I doubt that this is scenically as interesting as the route that I took instead, which was a traverse along the Chartreuse on D1090. But of course I can be wrong.

Using the direct approach you never enter St Pancrasse, but coming from D1090 instead, there is a shortcut climb, starting at the Madonna statue shown on the picture below. After the shortcut the wide road climbs steadily with views of Chartreuse villages floating apparently in the air in front of snow capped Belledone Ridges. But the most imposing site may well be the gigantic layered limestone tooth, Roc d'Arguile (1768m) around which the pass is climbing. There is an obvious pass visible above treeline, just to the right of this mountain. But Col du Coq is a lower crossing. The summit comes up completely unexpectedly, and there are no really great views from here.

From West. (described downwards) The first couple of switchbacks allow a few glances back at the cliffs above, and then the road disappears in the forest. It becomes narrow, rough, steep, and if it's a hot summer day - pleasantly cool, while following a creek in the shade. But the brake pads heat up instead. The scenery and villages become interesting again near the Hamlet Majeure. Going left here allows connecting to Col de Porte direction Grenoble, without descending all the way. But the other option has nicer village views. For this option the road remains above the valley and finally circles in on St Pierre en Chartreuse, like an airplane that missed its approach. The profile continues down the canyon to exit the Chartreuse on the west side in Saint Laurent du Pont.

Col de Coq , Col de Porte , Col de Marcieu : La Ravoire > Baraux > Col de Marcieu > St Bernard > Col de Coq <> out and back towards St Pierre de Chartreuse > Col de Porte > Grenoble with detours > [train from Grenoble to Montmelian] > back to la Ravoire > 69.4miles with 7260ft of climbing in 6:40hrs (VDO MC1.0 m4:14.7.3)

The last day with different start and end points over a pass on this tour is on page: D207 Aiguebelle - St Pierre de Belleville(s)


Historical Notes:

Cycling - Tour de France: The summit was part of the 1984 and 1987 Tour de France route. The stages were Grenoble to Alp d'Huez and Villard-de-Land to Alp d'Huez.