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Passo Di Veccena

This pass is on a big forested rolling altiplane. Geographically it is still part of the dolomites, and labeled Altiplano del Sette Communi on the map. There are many ways to the top from all possible directions, and the really hard and spectacular parts are al located on the lower sections, climbing the sheer limestone cliffs from the valley floors.

There is a special relation between the area at the top to the Val Sugana area around Levico Terme. From the top of the pass a not-so-long trail climbs to the most prominent rock outcrop visible from the valley in Levico. On top of this landmark rock-outcrop sits a prominent old military fort.

1.START-END WEST:Piave bridge, south of Levico Terme
2.profile joins approach from Lavarone
3.TOP: Passo Di Veccena, 1421m


From West.
The profile follows an easy to find route to climb out of the walls surrounding the lake. There is more of a description on the SS349 Lavarone via Sp313 page, but countless other options exist.

In Lavarone the route joins SS349. There is a definite vacation feeling to this town. Now the wide road hops short distances from one tasty vacation town to another. There are so many, that they don't all fit on a 1 : 200 thousand map, and they are not big. But they all seem to have a town square in the center. During my ride in late September all businesses were closed, but the numerous groups of racing bikers seemed to enjoy the area even more because of it.

The route goes over a pleasant forested little intermediate summit (SS349 Lavarone via Sp313) and then comes to a high meadow with an Inn. At the end of this meadow is the only far view of the central dolomites that can be obtained from along the paved road.

A little more easy shallow climbing and the road reaches Passo di Veccena, a wide shallow grassy saddle with a roundabout for three approaches. In addition to the three road approaches, a narrow paved track goes higher towards Cima Veccena. How different this mountain looks from this side. Trees reach almost to the top of a shallow slope, with a pronounced, but unremarkable rock outcrop at the top - no hint of a 5000ft drop on the other side. I only followed this paved track to a shallow section below a cheese factory/ Inn, from where it started decending again.

But while this cheese factory track is still in the forest a rocky old military track starts from it, at a barely noticeable junction. It goes up the fort, that is so prominently visible from below. It has a very rough section, paved with large natural stones. For heavy military equipment this must have been better than drowning in the mud. But for cycling and walking it is a different story. Even electric mountain bikers think it is hard. I tried walking it, and regretted not taking along my hiking shoes. But the light and weather deteriorated to a point where I turned around, and so the description ends here.


From East. (described downwards) The rolling summit meadow continues on this side for several km. The top of Cima Veccena remains a point of focus in the landscape. That's really all I know about this side, since I turned around for an out and back ride.

However - I did ride the lower part of the profile in conjunction with other shoulder summit points. So just a few notes: The southern edge of this plateau has many roads along it, forming numerable shoulder points. The obvious route from Asagio follows the main road along Sp71, definitely not the best route because of traffic, not even the shortest. Better to go through Conco.


Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Passo Croce d'Aune | Passo dei Redebus > )

Passo di Veccena x2 , additonal out and back:
Levico Terme > Calceranica al Lago > Campreghen > Pian del Pradi <> out and back to end of road in  village >> Carbonare > SS349 west > Chiesa > Ghongi > Lavarone > SS349 Lavarone via SP133 (shp) > Passo di Veccena << turnaround point at Trento boundary ~330ft below summit > back to Passo di Veccena <> out and back on paved path toward cima Veccena >> SS349 east > down SP133 > back to starting point in Levico Terme with sightseeing detour: 48.7miles with 6240ft of climbing in 5:33hrs (garmin etrex30 r5:21.9.28).