Duran (Pso)

Highest Point:
Western Approach:    
from Agordo (609m) 992m 12+1/2km
Eastern Approach:    
from Dont (930m) 671m 8km
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Pso di Duran in the Bellunesi Dolomites is one of several amazing roads in the area around Agordo, that get limited motorized traffic due to a few touchy sections with limited clearance and short, very steep sections. Crossing the pass from end to end also involves a canyon ride on the eastern side, that is not likely to be forgotten quickly. It can be used as bottom approach to several passes in the area.


From West.  Agordo is surrounded by sky piercing dolomite peaks on all sides. It is hard to imagine a more spectacular setting. The tall church steeples of the town seem to complement the landscape. Just south of these church steeples the road to pso di Duran heads north west into a valley. The densely forested road periodically opens views into various valleys onto bits and pieces of plunging cliff sides and snow covered faces. The picture below is a telephoto shot of such a scene. The road becomes more tenuous as it gains altitude, with several one way passages near land slides, and small make shift curves. Towards the top the road heads for a wide gap under a cliff face. The top has a few businesses, but no ski lifts for a change.

From East. (described downwards). After a few inital steep curves, the road leads through a few very rustic towns, quite a contrast to the more touristy Agordo side. If forgoing one of the other passes that branch off (Staulanza, Cibiana) and descending all the way, a spectacular traverse along a gorge into Longarone follows. This canyon ride actually may the scenic high point of the day.



Multi Day ride: A day on a loaded mountain bike between Agordo over the pass to Longarone measured 45 miles with 4300ft of climbing in 5 hours. This included about a 5 mile room search and a several slow detours to get out of the rain (m3:9.6.9)


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