Chemin de Greo: Berre les Alpes

When looking at a 1:200 000 map of the Berre les Alps area, it may look the final km to Berre les Alps has to be an out and back ride, if restricting yourself to pavement. Actually, with help of the completely paved Chemin de Greo, the town square becomes the highest point on a completely paved loop.

1.(00.0km,80m) START-END 1: la Trinite
3.(05.3km,130m)jct D2204 - D15, profile goes left on D15
4.(09.7km,220m)profile turns right from D15 onto D616 in Contes
5.(14.0km,470m)profile takes steep concrete path on left
6.(16.5km,670m)TOP: Berre les Alpes
7.(18.0km,590m)D215 - D615 Berre les Alpes(shp)
8.(21.0km,410m)Col De Nice(shp): profile turns right down D2204
9.(27.3km,130m)START-END 2: jct D2204 - D15, same as point 3


From West.
When starting this climb from Contes (point 4), another old hill town can be seen clinging to the ridge line ahead. In the upper part of the climb, after the switchbacks in Contes are far below and the Contes churchtower looks like a model display, a total of 3 signed turnoffs on the left pass the tired cyclist. The last one of them, clearly signed as "Chemin de la Greo" and also "Creme des Marrons" (is this a business ?), actually goes al the way through to the top. Along the way the narrow road passes between many glacial erratic rocks, so large that one house actually uses one such rock as a wall. The road emerges onto the main spur from Berre les Alps at its highest point, across from the cemetery. The "creme de Marrons" destination is signed on this side too, the "Chemin de Greo" designation is missing.

From East. A short roll down leads to the main square of the town. Exploring around in the few medieval alleys in the town core feels much more peaceful than in the more popular hilltowns, like Eze for example. But the best view of Berre les Alps is still from below on this side, shortly before the road merges with D615. The profile coninues to the Col de Nice and goes downhill back to Nice. A better bike route, and only a very short detour substitutes the road through Bausasc for busy D2202. But riding around the lower part takes much more climbing.

Colle de Tamie



Colle de Tamie

in and around Berre les Alpes


Dayride with this point as highest summit


Chemin de Greo: Berre les Alps s(u) , Col de Chateauneuf , D719 Aspremontt(sh) :
Nice > Route de Bellets > D719 Aspremont s(u) <> out and back to the highest part of Aspremont > Tourette-Levens > M19 north > Col de Chateauneuf > D815 north > up Chemin de la Greo > Chemin de la Greo: Berre les Alpes s(u) > Col de Nice(shp) > Blausasc > Cantaron > Drap > Nice with Detours : 53.1m with 4972ft of climbing in 5:16hrs VDO MC1.0 m4:14.5.10).
Notes: This route crosses the three major foothill ridges, immediately north of Nice between the rivers Var and Paillon -  mileage includes weekend food shopping on the way back, with a finish crawling through Nice city streets.

The first day with different start and end points on this tour is on page: Col de Palmarella/ Col de la Croix