Col de Felines

Seeing the slowly emerging view of Entrevaux for the first time from this pass, is quite a surprising sight. It's a shame to spoil it here. But I want to include the pictures of the surprise, so I will mention it too.  A medieval city core, topped with ramps zigzagging up to a castle, high above the town - what an amazing sight, and this approach has a superb view of it, far from all the people who may visit this town.

The profile below shows a loop trip, starting and ending in Entrevaux. But more likely, a ride over this pass will also go over one of the other passes, quickly accessible from point 3. 

1.(00.0km,474m) START-END 1 ALT: Entrevaux, profile goes up D610
2.(06.5km,852m) intermediate high point
3.(9.2km,798m) START-END 1: four roads meet near this low point at a stone bridge. Profile continues straight on D710
4.(11.7km,930m) TOP: Col de Felines
5.(19.2km,474m) START-END 2: same as point 1


From South. Both approach endpoints are in Entrevaux, across from the old bridge. But I did not see a sign there. This approach traverses up the east side of the valley. In my opinion the view from the low part of this climb shows Entrevaux at its most daring angle. The overhanging houses show up more conspicuously than on the lower northern approach. After a steep climb this road crosses a high point in dense forest. The descend afterwards is less than 100 meters, so it does not classify as a separate summit in these pages. This small descent leads to an interesting intersection, centered around a stone arch bridge. Many think of this as the starting point on the southern side to Col de Felines. If you arrive here from one of the other small passes connecting to this point, Col du Buis or Col Trebuchet, only the tiniest of climbs leads to a high meadow in a forest clearing, the summit of Col de Felines. Here a small pass sign is surrounded by a riot of wildflowers in May.

From North. (described downhill) The view of the castle of Entrevaux first appears while still far above the top of the castle. Slowly - switchback by switchback - the town and the houses hanging above the river also come in sight. Entrevaux is located in the Vars valley and also on N202, a busy road to Nice. The end of the descend also marks the end of the peace and quiet of all the splendid roads to the south. The most peaceful way to observe this town is definitely from above. There seem to be quite a few British tourists walking around Entrevaux. The town has two small groceries. I found the one on the south side of N202 to have the better prices for most things (except brie), and there is also a well hidden supermarket a few km up the valley. The town also has a gite (I'm told there is also another one 3km up valley), an overpriced hotel, and even more expensive chambres d'hotes. The tourist office is right on the other side of the medieval bridge in the old part of town. It is closed a lot, especially at times when cyclists are looking for a place to stay. But a store keeper made a telephone call for me and someone came to open it just for me. Merci beaucoup !

Col de
                                          Felines: looking back from
                                          southern approach Col de
                                          Felines summit
Entrevaux from Col de
                                          Felines Col de


A day on an Extended Tour:

<Col de St Barnabe|D26 Tournefort s(u)>)
Col de St. Barnabe , Col du Buis , Col de Felines :
La Colle (near Castellane) > Castellane > Demandoix > Col de St Barnabe > Soleilhas > St Auban > Clue de St Auban > Brianconnet > Col de Buis > Col de Felines > Entrevaux : 39.6miles with 4140ft of climbing in 4:17 hours on a fully loaded mountain bike:
Notes: includes a mile or two of rolling around Soleilhas and Entrevaux

A Dayride from the ending point of this extended tour, Entrevaux is on page: D17-D427 Rourebel(sh)

Entrevaux from lower Col de
                                      Felines approach


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