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The Alps

If you add up all the miles that can be cycled on pavement or good, unpaved roads - over summits and passes in the Alps, I doubt that any area in the world would approach the total distance of all these rides added together.

Some of these pass roads have very heavy traffic during the summer, while others are so narrow and twisted that few drivers take the time to explore them. Some have smooth surface with heavy motorcycle traffic, while others are left to fend for themselves as far as potholes are concerned. If you like to climb on a bicycle, every area in the Alps has to offer a lot of variety.


To start, here are some Favorites

The tables below list many more, that are just as good. All of them are summits with at least two approaches, of all different types: named passes and unnamed summits, including a few more unpaved roads. Most pages have elevation profiles and descriptions. The alphabetic table lists which do and do not.

The following map links all the passes in the tables, plus many more under the "more" checkmarks.

MAP: Passes and Summits in the Alps

Any table, map etc from any area can also be accessed with 1 or 2 clicks from the navigation bars on top and left of any of the newer style pages.