D1-D2209 Carros Village(sh)

Cycling along the Vars, from or to Nice, can be a frightening experience with all that traffic, when riding this route for the first time, and just following the most obvious route that comes along. But actually, there is a much better option on the other side of the river, the west side. A bike path parallels the Vars almost into St Laurent du Var. While on it, one has a much better chance to look around and spot a few of the picturesque hilltowns above the valley.

This short summit ride (which can obviously be extended into infinity) goes to two of the hilltowns on the west side of the the river. In Carros Village and Galitieres the medieval core is still there, and so is the picture perfect hilltown look. But it's all embedded in a matrix of modernity, complete with smoothly paved alleyways, that would have been from outer space a 1000 years ago. Sometimes there is even a piece of modern art in the old medieval town square

1.(km00,70m)START-END EAST: jct bike path on Vars - Route du Pont de Colomars
2.(km06,339m) TOP: near turnoff from M1 onto D2209
3.(km11,280m) Galtieres
4.(km15,70m)START-END WEST: jct D2209 - D1, north of St Laurent du Var, near Var bike path


From North.
I happened to approach this town from the bike path to the north, and my GPS advised me to follow the narrow Chemin de Launes up the hillside. It climbs steep and straight between walled in yards and houses. But there is a more normal way too. However the profile shows the Chemin de Launes route - which does soon end onto D2209. As D2209 curves around the north side, it shows the first views of the Mercantour Range, and soon after that Carros Village, an obelisque shape above green forest, protruding into blue sky ( - finally a day of great weather ). The highest point on the elevation profile is the jct with D1. Carros Village is still a few hundred meters further on D1. But pictures from there are included as part of this summit. If necessary this distance could easily be walked. Especially impressive are the views north from here, to hilltowns I still hope to ride to.

From South. (described downwards). This side is not nearly as steep. It is a long curvy traverse. And along the way the road collects another hilltown, Galtieres. The proximity to Nice makes this place the opposite of sleepy and isolated. The profile follows D1 all the way into the valley. This is easily accomplised by following every St Laurent du Var sign along the way. But the descend can be shortened by one of the may Chemin Rural options directly into the valley, or postphoned by heading for Vence instead.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


D1-D2209 Carros Village(sh): Nice > St Laurent du Var > D2209 north > bike path on west side of Var north > turnaround point to head south, several miles after Carros turnoff > road parallel to bike path south > chemin des Launes west > D1 west > jct: D1-D2209 Carros Village(sh) <> out and back into Carros  Village > D2209 > Galtieres > D2209 south > St Larent du Var <> out and back to Nice Port to check on Corsica ferries > back to starting point: 51.1m with 2284ft  of climbing in 4:17hrs (VDO MC1.0 m4:14.5.11).
Notes: this was supposed to be a rest day, but I'm glad it wasn't. The wind finally tore all that haze in the air out to sea, and so the views were crystal clear. - Includes several extra miles of exploratory out and back parts.

The first day with different start and end points on this tour is on page: Col de Palmarella/ Col de la Croix