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Alps: Favorite Passes and Summits

Colle Fauniera - I was lucky enough to cross this narrow road when it was still closed

Tunnel et Col du Parpaillon -
unpaved, old military road, connecting two of the deepest valleys in the French Alps

Col du Tende -
the switchbacks are as regular as steps on a staircase; old military forts wait on top

Klammjoch -
remote, unpaved road between Austria and Italy

Wuerzjoch -
especially the narrow approach on the south side makes this interesting

Col du Solude -
a shelf road with steep drop offs and several dark tunnels

Cormet d'Areches -
an unpaved alternative to nearby Cormet de Roselend

Col de la Cayolle -
highest point on a three pass dayloop

D32 Utelle s(u) -
the highest point is a medieval hilltown with great views

Col de la Croix de Fere -
a popular Tour de France pass