Highest Point:
Eastern Approach:

from Rottach-Eggern (725m) 216m 16+1/2km
Western Approach:

from Fall (732m) 209m 12+1/2km
This low pass has barely any climbing associated with it and stays in the foothills, though a few higher mountains are visible through the trees


From North.  B307 heading south from Tegernsee barely gains any elevation until it passes through Glashuette. From there its a straight km or two to the pass. Here there's a pass sign, a bus stop and a conglomeration of houses; no scenic view of any kind. This can be quite a busy road. The only additional trail or shoulder, that can be used by off road cyclists, is a rough track on the left side of the road for the last few kms.

From South. (described downwards). There are more turns on this side. Achensee remains on the other side of the Austrian border, as the downhill bound biker turns right into the Walchental



: Bad Toelz >Tegernsee >Achenpass >Sylvensis See >Vorderriss > Eschenlainetal > Eschenlohe >Murnau (72 miles with 3700ft of climbing in 6 hours, as measured with a (VDO-MC1.0 m4:9.5.20).
Notes: with shuttle

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