Col de Saxel

South of Lake Geneva, a few low forested ridges separate the plain next to the lake from the high alps. This road is the lowest paved pass over this ridge. It's a pleasant forest ride with little traffic.

1.(580m,00.0km) START-END NORTH: jct D20-D903, west of Machilly
2.(943m,07.9km)TOP: Col de Saxel
3.(740m,12.9km)START-END SOUTH: Boege
4.(550m,20.0km)jct D20-D907, east of Les Tattes


From North.
I took the first chance I got to get off busy D903, and wrote up one of the many narrow Chemins de "Forgot The Name". The profile, which is a recorded track from my gps unit, follows that option also. Several views of the lake appear along the short climb. The adjacent hills are worn into subdued hills with barely a shape to them. The glaciers did it, and the hills are called drumlins. The town Saxel begins at the top

From South.  It stretches at least a km down this side. The road descends into a shallow valley, and there are no views of distant high peaks. For that you have to cross the next ridge to the east.

A Dayride with this pass as intermediate summit is on page: Col Du Perret