Col d'Ajon

This summit with one paved and one unpaved approach was the highpoint on a ramble over several low passes in the Geneva area. A big reason is the view of Mont Blanc

1.(730m,00.0km)START-END NORTH ALT: Boege
2.(790m,03.0km)START-END NORTH: Villard
3.(1300m,08.7km)road on left connects with Plaine-Joux
4.(1411m,13.1km)TOP: Col d'Ajon
5.(920m,16.3km)START-END SOUTH: profile turns down valley, north of Megevette
6.(600m,27.4km)START-END SOUTH ALT: Saint Jeoire


From North.
The direct way up from D22 in the Valle Verde starts in Villard. But I came from the north and for this option you can leave the valley a little earlier in Habere Lullin. This alternate approach is on an a narrower road and threads between some especially flower studded old houses and drinking water fountains. This alternate way descends less than a 100meters to meet up with the wider main approach from Villard

both pictures: descending into Megevette: a sliver of Mont Blanc is barely visible between the clouds

Now the road gets serious. It engages in 13 fairly seep switchbacks, mainly in the forest. Slowly a gap ahead in the woods can be imagined. The view now reaches obove the forested ridge between here and Lake Geneva. In the collection of a few houses marked Le Borbieu on the map a paved road apears to crest a pass not far below. This is enough to make anybody scratch his head and reach for a map or zoom out the GPS. The road in question is the upper wester approach to Col de Plaine-Joux, and a short paved road reaching down to it, illustrates that this is another possible approach. On that option the pavement would be a lot smoother than what is described here.

The climb to Col d'Ajon now reaches above the treeline and is accompanied by the clanging of cows wearing monumental bells. The top is soon reached. There is a parking lot and a building of some sort. Unlike expected I did not see any evidence of food and drink being served.

The view to the south includes high alps, including Mount Blanc, or at least the clouds containing it, as if for safekeeping for special moments. Nowhere on the top is there a sign identifying this as a Col, but instead uses Ajon as a placename

From South. (described downwards) The road turns to rough dirt with rocks immediately at the top. But a view of a few sharp cornered peaks to the north make the couple of switchbacks go by fast, and the surface improves. Soon it is paved again but still very narrow. With a few switchbacks the road hones in on Megevette below, where a flower studded simple fountain waits at the corner to D26. Now with more traffic this wider road descends gently into Saint Jeoire. There is a very short section of shelf road with overhanging rocks with a Saint Mary Statue between the traffic and the dropoff.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:

Col d'Ajon , C3 La Plagne s[u) , Col des Arces[1164m] , Col de Cou[1116m] , D236 La Houile(sh) , additional out and back: Annemasse > Saint Cerques > Machilly > Col de Cou <> out and back from turnaround point 300f below Col de Cou <> top of Col des Moises[1143m] > up Route des Arces > Col des Arces > up C3 > C3 La Plagne s(u)[1180m] > out and back to Tres les Mont > Col de Feu[shp] > Lullin > D26 north > Bellevaux > Col de Jambaz[shp] > D236 La Houile (sh)[1100m] > D22 east > Col de Teramont[shp] > up C5 Col d'Ajon > Megevette > La Trappe > D26 east > back to starting point in Annemasse : 73.3miles with7989ft of climbing in 7:29hrs (Garmin etrex30 m4:14.7.15)
Notes: first day of really good weather after 8 days of October in July. This ride touched on 7 passes (4 of them as shoulder summits), and went over 5 summit points (including two unnamed summit points).  I think tthe 7 is a personal record.

the last day with different start and end points on this tour is on page: Mont Saleve northern summit