Highest Point:
1690m (1660m)

Hochtannbergpass can be a first or last pass on an extended loop into the alps from the north. While there are other passes north of here, once you have traveled south up the Bregenzer Wald area in Austria and want to continue south, you have to cross this pass into the Lech Valley. You have no other choice, and this pass is a nice cycling route to be forced into. Hochtannbergpass has relatively little traffic. The mountains on the north side of the main divide in the alps are lower, but heavily eroded so that the climbs are smaller but very scenic

1.(00.0km,1080m) START-END EAST ALT: Bach
2.(10.0km,1120m) START-END EAST: Steeg
3.(18.8km,1410m) Warth
4.(25.5km,1690m) TOP: point of highest altitude
4.(26.7km,1660m) Hochtannbergpass
5.(31.1km,1280m) Schroecken
6.(44.3km,800m) START-END WEST: junction with Faschinastrasse


From East. The Lechtal bike trail ends a few km east of Steeg and the climb begins. It starts as a wide road with relatively few turns and a moderate 7 and a half percent climb. The road leads through two open galleries. One looks like it has an old road around it, but it does not go through. By the time you reach Warth and the turnoff to Flexenpass, the scenic splendors of this road are readily apparent. To the right is the Widderstein, a jagged horn like peak that is not really very high but makes a splendid monument in this alpine backyard. Warth itself is a ski resort, but not the kind that has dozens of ski overruns over the road. The road leads through another gallery and quickly climbs the pass. On top are several short hiking oportunities, as well as a small, out of place looking hotel.

From West. (described downwards). The descent to Schroecken (not Schrecken, which is further down the road) is much steeper. At one point the road curves away from the mountain onto a bridge or ramp, in order to switchback to the other direction. Another horn like peak is the perfect backdrop. Past this village is an amazing waterfall tumbling down from a wall to the south. The road flattens out completely in Schrecken at the junction with the road to Furkajoch. Continuing downvalley from here is a nice bike path on the opposite side of the river than the road.



Multi Day ride.  (<Hahntennjoch) A day on a fully loaded mountain bike, starting in Steg over Hochtannbergpass down to Schrecken and Egg measured 48 miles with 3200ft of climbing in 4:3 hours, including several miles of detours and lots of time allotted to finding a room (m3:9.7.9)

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