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Col de L'Echarasson

This is a small forest summit above the stunning Combe de Laval road to Col de la Machine. This road is actually older than the Combe de Laval road. Using this small peaceful raod allows for an even greater variety of loop rides, combining numerous small summits and passes.

1.(00.0km,0270m)START-END SOUTH-1:St Jean en Royans
2.(08.2km,0850m)lower turnoff point to Col l'Echarasson on right; route continues straight
3.(13.0km,1011m)Col de la Machine
4.(14.1km,1060m)profile turns right up onto upper turnoff to Col de l'Echarasson
5.(17.2km,1170m)TOP: Col de l'Echarasson
6.(21.7km,0850m)START-END SOUTH-2:same as point 2


From South-1.
After crossing the actual point Col de la Machine, there are 3 possible summit points. Both the roads to Col de Carri and Col de L;Echarasson turn off the main route in about the same place, but from opposing sides in opposite directions.

The route over this passed is signed as closed. For cyclists this means, that there is even less traffic to content with. A shallow 300ft climb leads to a ruin in the forest, next to a Col sign

From South-2. There is actually very little evidence of a destroyed road, that the "closed" road signs warns about. The narrow track through the forest rejoins the Col de la Machine ascent a short distance below the Combe de Laval section

The three pictures below are during a late afternoon descent to St Jean en Royan, that can be common to several passes in this area, Col de L'Echarasson, Col de la Machine, Font d'Urle s(u), Col de Carri, and probably others.

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A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Font d'Urle s(u)


This quiet forgotten plateau top road is nothing like its famous neighbor, the road over Col de la Machine via the Combe de Laval. But it is older and was used previous to the construction of the road over Combe de Laval. The reason for the construction of the road over Col de l'Echarasson was economic. Wanting to exploit the mines in the area, the church needed a lot of firewood, that grew on the nearby forested high plateaus, amongst them the Foret de Lente. The road over Col de l"Echarasson replaced a more circuitous road, that could be used to access the forest, to the east of this road.