Col de Trebuches

This is one of several small passes in the area, that can be used to construct great loop rides. Each one of these small summits has a special characteristic, that makes it different from all the others. What's memorable about this one is a long straight traverse over the top (bottom right picture in the group of four). The south side is also a traverse, albeit a curvy one, but with with a very elongated viewshed.
1.(00.0km,477m) START-END NORTH ALT: Entrevaux
2.(06.5km,852m) intermediate high point
3.(9.2km,798m) START-END NORTH: four roads meet near this low point at a stone bridge. Profile continues straight on D710
4.(15.2km,1147m) TOP: Col de Trebuches
5.(24.3km,880m) la Rochette
6.(28.7km,745m) Saint Pierre
7.(31.9km,621m) START-END SOUTH: jct D10- D2211, along Vallon des Miolans


From North. Starting in the valley of the Vars in Entrevaux, two possible direct routes lead to point 3: the direct nothern approach to Col de Felines, or the profiled route, which also goes over a small high point. The descend leads to an old stone bridge, near where 4 roads meet. One of them winds up the forested Val de Chavagne to the west towards Col de Trebuches. It crosses the top on a very narrow road in a straight traverse.

Col de Trebuches

From South. (described downwards). This side doesn't "just descend". Instead the road (if roads could do things like this) seems to relish every foot of the small amount of elevation it has gained, and gives it up reluctantly foot by foot, by traversing along the hill side. Along the way it passes small groups of houses, where the debate weather they constitute a village is still open. They do not show up on the attached Google Map. But I have pictures to prove their existence. Actually they also have names: la Rochette and le Bosquet. The second has fewer houses than most people have fingers, but it is still big enough to warrant a small tunnel like bridge construction to get from "downtown" overlooking the eastern foothills to "uptown" overlooking the northern foothills.  Eventually after a long shallow roll, interspersed with many flat sections, the profile passes through Saint Piere and reaches the valley of the Milans.


A dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: D17-D27 Rourebel(sh)
The last summit point on this Extended Tour with different start and end points is Col de Felines

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