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Passo Dei Redebus

This pass connects two valleys lined with vacation villages coming up from the same direction, and so it makes a nice short dayride, with still a substantial climbing workout. There are no truly great views from the summit, but the great variety of church towers, perfectly fitting into the landscape, complemented by the villages and mountains around them, leave many lasting images.

1.START-END EAST: SS47 in Pergine Valsugana
2.Sant Orsola Terme
3.profile turns up SP224 and starts switchbacks before reaching Palu Del Fersina
4.TOP: Passo de Redebus , 1455m
5.profile reaches Lago di Piazze
6.Baselga Di Pine
8.START-END WEST: low point at dead end, past ss47 to Trento


From South.
From Pergine one road on each side of the valley goes up towards Paul dei Fersina. I tried the larger, wider and shorter route on the north side. Traffic gets lighter and ligher the further away you get from Pergine. A number of church towers highlight the beauty of the valley.

Finally before entering Paul dei Fersina, the road turns west and climbs the pass with a few switchbacks. The top is heavily forested and is used as a depository for all the timber that has been harvested in the area. There is a limited view of a far high dolomite ridge from a track, that crosses one of these timber harvesting areas heading north.

From North. (described downwards) The theme of the ride becomes even more pronounced on this side. Churches at the center of mountain villages appear glued to the mountainous slope. They make up the foreground to the southern most, still distant, real dolomite ridges. Later, arived at the valley bottom, the road runs along two small lakes, the centers of accompanying vacation villages. Traffic increases drastically the closer you get to the main road to Trento.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Passo Di Veccena | Monte Grappa: jct SP148-SP140 > )

Passo dei Redebus , additional out and back: Levico Terme > with detours Pergine > Fassionago-Garait > Passo dei Redebus > Lago di Pazze > Baselga di Pine >Madrano > bike route to Pergrine <> out and back to Castello Pergrine with detours >> back to starting point in Levico Terme: 46.0miles with 4860ft of climbing in 5:14hrs (garmin etrex30 r5:21.9.29)