Forcella Lius

This corner of the alps seems to have quite a few climbs that don't see much traffic. Some of them are named passes and others are pleasant country roads like this one.

01.(00.0km,680m) START-END EAST: south end of Paularo
02.(04.8km,1075m) TOP: point of highest elevation
03.(05.6km,1020m) intermediate low point
04.(06.3km,1060m) intermediate high point
05.(15.7km,580m) START-END WEST ALTERNATE: south end of Paluzza, route continues downvalley.
06.(25.0km,420m) START-END WEST: Cedarchis


From West.  The climb joins with the descend from Passo del Cason di Lanza in the town of Paulero. Nestled between steep horn like mountains to the west and the more green canyoned area to the east, Paulero gives the impression of having made few concessions to tourism, and has a pleasant feeling of decay to it. A cascading mountain stream cuts a deep channel through the center of town, passing a square with the WW1 memorial statue. The road up this Forcella stays to the right of the stream leaving town and climbs a few switchbacks at 18% grade. It passes by a church and a grave yard with a great view for all the previously living. The road levels out somewhat, but still climbs enough that walking is tempting with a fully loaded mountain bike. It crests for the first time still in the trees and rolls down to valley meadow, where a sign labeles forcella di Lius but at a lower altitude. The road climbs again in narrow forested switchbacks to crest where a far peak to the south becomes visible.

From East. (described downwards). This is one descend where all the switchbacks are flanked by houses, a church, a graveyard, a spread out settlement along every curve and straightaway. Once down in the valley the bike rolls at just the right speed without the need for breaks to the town of Paluzza


a day on a tour:

(<Pso Cason di Lanza|Ploeckenpass>)
A ride with this summit as intermediate summit is on page: Pso Cason di Lanza

Forcella di Lius

Highest Point:
Eastern Approach:

from Paularo (680m)
Western Approach:

from Cedarchis (420m)
from south end of Paluzza (580m)

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