Sella Joch

Highest Point:
Southern Approach:

from Canazei (1456m) 788m 11+1/2km
from Pordoi Joch turnoff (1850m)
Northern Approach:

from Groedner Joch turnoff (1900m) 344m 7+1/2km

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Riding over the Sella Loop is a religeous pilgremage of sorts for some cyclists. This loop is made up of four passes, this one, Groedner Joch (pso Gardena), pso Campalongo and Pordoi Joch. And pilgrimages are not solitary experiences but are done in large groups. On my ride I encountred support vans for cycle tourists from Holland, lots of racers and other single mtb tourers like myself. But the number of cyclists still pales in comparisson to the masses of tour busses and swarms of motorcycles that make this loop.
When comparing the four passes of this loop, the name sake is also the highest of the four, but only by several meters depending on the source, putting it at roughly equal height with Pordoi Joch. The scenery around the Sella Joch is the most surrealistic and rocky of the four.


From South.  Immediately after leaving the immaculately illustrated houses of Canazei behind, 13 forested switchbacks climb to the junction with Pordoi Joch. Staying left here, the road heads for a straight wall in the Sella group. The pass can be seen from a long distance down the approach. When it comes into view, and appears like a precarious slot between limestone teeth, three incisors to the left, the highest being the middle Sasso di Levante (3114m). To the right is the massive block that makes up the Sella Group.  The top of the pass is a small, crowded spot, where a hotel, a souvenir shop, usually a parked bus, motorcycles and cars mill about. You could say, in summer it's as busy as a subway station up here.

From North. (described downwards). The road descends, largely in big radius curves between mountains that resemble large discs made of limestone, stuck in the ground. The bottom slopes are cut with ski lifts and runs, wherever there's the slightest room for one, giving the landscape a sort of dissected look at the bottom.

pic 3 above taken in Canazei, pics 2 and 4: southern aproach, pic 3: just north of summit

Dayride with this point as highest summit:

Sella Joch , Groedner Joch , Pso di Pordoi , Pso di Campalongo : A first loop ride over the Sella Group passes  Fontanac > Canazei > Sella Joch > Groedner Joch > pso di Campalongo > pso di Pordoi > back to Fontanac: 45 miles with 6900ft of climbing in 5:0 hours (VDO MC1.0 m4:9.6.4).
Notes: This was the first loop over the Sella Group passes with an additional short approach from a few kms below Canazei, with lots of stops to take pictures.

The last day with different start and end points of this Extended Tour is on page: Karer Pass

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