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Passo della Mauria

This is one of the bigger roads into the dolomites from the south, but still more bikable than the heavily tunneled roads to the east. On a Friday in September I had virtually no traffic on this exceptionally smooth road, not to mention the not so smooth mountain ridges in the upper field of view.

1.START-END NORTH:jct SS51-road to Passo della Mauria
2.Lorenzago Di Cadore
3.TOP:Passo della Mauria, 1298m
4.Forni Di Sopra
5.Forni Di Sotto


From North.
This is a civilized, well behaved and maintained road, fairly wide. All of this can be seen of effort to give access to the first real vacation towns in the dolomites from the south. The road remains in the trees, and the mountains play their visual part in large amphiteaters, between the high treeline and the sky. Four numbered tornati lead to the wide wooded gap. It is so close, but it is easy to underestimate the time needed to negotiate these last long ramps before the summit.

From South. (described downwards). There are few switchbacks on this side too. But mostly this is a fast descent. The bicycle makes quick progress on the map, not like Sella di Razzo on the other side of the mountain, where there just is not enough room on the map to include all those switchbacks. The tourist towns on this side Forni "di Sopra" and "di lower" make a very relaxed impression. Below Forni di Sotto the road enters a 2.2km long tunnel. The old way on the right, through several shorter tunnels is closed after several km. Before reaching Ampezzo one more small workout is required to get over a point almost big enough to be called a summit in its own right. Entering Ampezzo from this side gives this town with its boxed together housing the most medieval appearance, compared with all the other towns along this loop.

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A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Sella di Razzo s(u)