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Passo della Pura

Not counting the additional approach below Ampezzo, this short loop has at least 7 major tunnels, on the order of 35 switchbacks and 1 major dam crossing. Yet no two points on this ~27km loop are more than 3km apart, as the crow flies, not counting the elevation of Monte Colmaier. In reality the crow would probably choose a longer distance around the mountain, I suspect, rather than flying over it. But I don't think that much thought went into the saying. With statistics like that there is plenty of time and incentive to explore the summit area with a hike.

Passo della Pura is Ampezzo's house pass. There is an endless variety of views of the Tagliamento Valley and the peaks surrounding the downvalley area around Tolmezzo.

1.START-END WEST-1:Enemonzo
3.TOP: Passo Del Pura, 1425m
4.Lago di Sauris, road goes over dam between two tunnels
5.START-END WEST-2:Ampezzo, same as point 2


From West.
The profile starts below the loop, where the first signs of a climb appear between the towns Tolmezzo and Ampezzo. The route heads west on SS52, the main road to Passo de la Mauria. About 3km out of Ampezzo the turnoff up the western flank of this pass signed, and near the junction there is an Inn with the name Pura.

The switchbacks on this side seem endless, even if I only count 10 to the summit. With the climb, the view of the Tagliamento Valley and the peaks behind Tolmezzo keeps on improving. Compared with the other side there is a dreadful lack of tunnels on this side. Finally the the steep rocky slope of the peak to the west comes into view, and it is time to confront the fact, that most of the climbing is over

There are several mountain inns on both sides of the pass. But the "refugio" one the other side looks more like a hotel. A trail, starting at an Inn on the west side of the pass area starts out direction Cima Monte Tinisa. But it soon becomes apparent that this actually goes down into the valley. But a rock scramble from its highest point allows to gain more elevation towards the summit ridge.

From East. (described downwards) This is a very exciting decent or climb, and that in spite of the fact that the views of the mountains direction Sauris are pretty limited. But I did talk to somebody after the ride, who did not like tunnels, and for him it must have been the worst ride in the world. But let;s start at the top. The first section goes down to cross the dam of Lago di Sauris. I count 18 switchbacks in this section, all in the forest. Past that the road enters a somewhat wet curvy tunnel, with a short completely dark section, because not all the lights are working. ... in order to emerge into light and immediately cross the short but very high dam of Lake Sauris.

On the other side of this slot canyon a succession of tunnels starts, connected by bridges or short glimpses of daylight. The first two are about a km long taken together and at least three more follow. The last drop to Ampezzo is managed with 7 more switchbacks.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit


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Passo della Pura: Ampezzo > up western approach with several miles of detours, looking for the turnoff from SS52 and around the summit > Passo della Pura > down eastern approach > Ampezzo: 22.4miles with 3570ft of climbing in 3:16hrs (garmin etrex30 r5:21.9.21)
Notes: day also included a scramble up the slopes of the mountain to the west of the pass.