D236 La Houile(sh)

I came across this summit point while cycling from the top of Col de Jambaz to Col de Teramont. Both of these are low passes south of Lake Geneva. But going over either pass is not a necessary condition to make this the highest point on a profile. And so this point gets its own page.

1.(500m,00.0km) START-END NORTH: D12, south of Thonon-Les-Bains
2.(770m,12.9km)START-END NORTH ALT: jct with road to Lulin and many other small passes on left
3.(1027m,22.3km)Col de Jambaz(shp)
4.(1100m,25.9km)TOP: point of highest elevation, just before profile joins D22 from Lulin
7.(750m,37.2km)START-END SOUTH: Boege
8.(550m,44.6km)START-END SOUTH ALT: bridge over La Menoge, north of Filinges


From North.
After a gently weaving road, passing picturesque villages set in front of quadrangular mountain blocks, the road reaches the top of Col de Jambaz at point 3, and at this point the best scenery is actually already behind.

Here the profile takes a right and climbs a little further to the village la Houile. There are no real views from here, even if it is the highest point.

From South. (described downwards). A short straight roll leads to a junction with another small road following a high foothill valley, D22. Shortly after that the profile passes Col de Terremont, a completely inconspicuous location on a gentle saddle. The profile continues down the valley through Habere Poche, where many other low pass roads converge, onwards through Boege - a nice place to rest and pick up groceries - and ends in "Le Pont de Fellinges".

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Col d'Ajon