Col Du Granier

Challes les Eaux and la Ravoire, north of Chambery are surrounded by monumental limestone plateaus in all drections. But one landform stands out in particular, and that is the mountain Grand Granier, a monumental tooth of rock, that is flatly lit like a molar in a closed mouth during morning light. The pass between this peak and the next one to the north is obvious from just about every point in the valley, and that is this pass.

Three approaches meet at the top, and all of these have several variations.

1.(300m,00.0km) START-END NORTH: jct D5-D9, south of La Ravoire and Chambery
2.(830m,09.3km)jct with D912, a direct approach from Chanmbery
3.(940m,11.8km)jct with D912e, another approach from west
4.(1134m,14.4km)TOP: Col Du Granier
5.(650m,24.6km)St Pierre D'Entremont, and jct with D912 on left to Col du Granier
6.(400m,36.1km) START-END WEST: les Echelles


From North.
Crossing the busy valley bottom with its controlled acces road and railline. you quickly loose all the traffic by follow signs to Col du Grand Granier. Views from the initial switchbacks give the mountain its most impressive proportions along the way. After a few of this window sight seeing expeirences the road has a few very steep sections before it merges on the wider approach that comes up directly from Chanberry. At the very top another approach from Apremont on the east also merges. The top has a restaurant in peaceful forest that also sells post cards

From South. All of threse three approaches collect traffic from the valleys and pour them down into the scenic valley running along the central part of the Chartreuse Range. Gigantic bands of limestone cliffs either line the mountain tops with a flat ribbon, or they define the skyward pointing rockledge of a triangular peak. During a few switchbacks the road seems to head for several examples of each. At the bottom is a nicely kept picnic area and a little later a sleepy town with a centerpiece church and a freshly painted WW1 soldier memorial. The painted eyes and mustache give the memorial a toy soldier feeling that still feels genuine but picturesque at the same time. From here you can climb up again along the center of the Chartreuse towards Col du Cucheron, or exit the range by descending Gorge xxx as the profile does

with this pass as intermediate summit are on pages: 

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