Col St Leger

This partially unpaved crossing has the expected rewards: a virtual absence of traffic and great scenery. But there is another unique attraction to this crossing: passing several Roman looking bridges along the way.
(00.0km,412m) START-END EAST: jct N202 - Av Emmanuel Sgnoit, Puget Theniers
(05.7km,620m) profile stays left and crosses bridge
(11.3km,1070m) TOP: Col St Leger
(13.4km,1040m) Profile turns off onto narrow paved track in St Leger
(19.4km,640m) Route turns left down D2202, Gorges de Daluis
(26.6km,530m) START-END WEST: jct D2202 - N202, between Annot and Entrevaux


From East. The approach starts by turning off N202 directly opposite the modern hanging bridge in Puget-Theniers. Signs show the road as direction Roudoule. For several km the road follows the gorge of the Roudoule close to its bottom. Then the route turns to the left, from D16 onto D316, below the town of la Croix sur Roudoule. This turnoff to St Leger and the bridges used to cross the gorge is the most memorable point on the ride. There are two bridges: on old stone arch bridge below and a second modern hanging bridge, used to carry today's traffic. The climb on the opposite side turns out to be a vantage point on the lower part of the road, as well as onto the precarious perch of Croix sur Roudoule. From here it is also easier to recognize a third small Roman looking bridge far below in the valley. There is a sign, marking the Col on top, just where the snow covered Mercantour Range comes in sight. A trail from here can reach another 100m higher. At least one looks like it would be readily mountain bikable.

From West. A relatively short descend ends in the town of St Leger. The road seems to dead end at the small town square. Going back about a hundred feet you can descend to the right of the square and then take another unmarked left down a narrow roughly paved path. The road passes by a farm and descends in curves to the valley. The Gorge de Daluis comes into sight. It has a Himalayan appearance from this spot because of the extreme width of gravel braids. There is a short unpaved section where the path crosses a talus slope. It is so short it could easily be walked without much loss of time. The route ends with yet another memorable bridge, not as historic as the previous three but very necessary to complete the loop. It is used by D2202 to cross the Daluis. Its size keeps cars over 2 meters wide away from this path.

Col Ste Michel Leger
Croix sur Roudoule from climb to Col St Leger

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on the the D17-D27 Rourebel(sh) page

The last summit point on this Extended Tour with different start and end points is Col de Felines

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