Col de l'Orme s(u)

This is one of the really nice low traffic routes that surround my favorite village in the coastal area - Luceram. Col de l'Orne is actually located in a dip on the paved road. But there is a noticeable summit point between the pass and the junction with Col de Braus.

1.(140m,km00) START-END SOUTH 1: jct D2204-D2566 l'Escarene
2.(370m,km10) profile turns left onto D54, just before reaching Col de Braus
3.(1250m,km15) TOP: Col de l'Orme s(u)
4.(1200m,km15) Col de l'Able
5.(1130m,km19) route turns left onto D21, coming down from Col de Turini; Col de l'Orme is located about 1/4th of the distance back to point 4.
6.(1010m,km23) Luceram
7.(630m,km29) START-END SOUTH 2: same as point 2
8.(370m,km37) START-END SOUTH ALT: jct D2204-D15 la Pointe de Blausasc


From East.
Just a few meters west of the summit of Col de Braus, a wavy undulating carpet of pavement climbs higher, direction Col de l'Orme and Col de l'Able. The profile also includes one of the many ways to climb to Col de Braus, this one from the Nice side.

Hard to decide weather this road has more horizontal curves or vertical curves, that is actual turns in the road, or surface waves. One thing is for sure, it does wind around a lot, mostly on this side. Through the trees great views of Sospel, Col St Jean and the snowcapped peaks behind it appear. The highest point is still in the trees, but has a good far view of the road up l'Authion.

From West. (described downwards). Col de l'Orme is signed, and the sign appears at a dip in the road. A trail crosses here, connecting Sospel with a point further down on the road described here, and eventually Luceram.

After "crossing" the actual point Col de l'Orme, the road ends at a T which connects Col de Turini with Luceram. The profile turns left and the best part of this ride is still ahead. It is the final flurry of extended switchbacks that show off Luceram from new angles. Unlike almost all other hilltowns so close to Nice, this one is not surrounded by modern bungalows. In order to get that illusion of picturesqueness, you do not have to choose your frame of view. The two church towers of this town town shift in position with every switchback. The profile continues downhill all the way to the outskirts of Nice to show a maximum elevation gain.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


Col de l'Orme s(u) , Chemin Strateguique des Banquettes , Col du Savel , Col de Pacrace : Nice - St Margaruite > beach bike path west  > Nice Port > Col de Quatre Chemins(shp) > Col d'Eze(shp) > La Turbie > Col Pacrace > Peille > Chemin Strategique des Banquettes west > Col des Banquettes(shp) > Col Segra (shp) > Col du Farguet(shp) > Chemin Stratgique des Banquettes s(u) > Col du Braus(shp) > Col de l'Orme s(u) > Luceram > up Chemin des Mounts > Col du Savel > Coroaze > Drap > Nice Port > beach bike path and city streets back to starting point: (80.0 miles with 7759ft of climbing in 7:47hrs Garmin Etrex30 m4:14.5.15).
Notes: Col de Pacrace is a shoulder point on the direct route. But if I remember right, I missed the turnoff the first time, so that it came to over 300ft descend, ie making this a shoulder summit.

The first day with different start and end points on this tour is on page: Col de Palmarella/ Col de la Croix

between Col de Braus and Col de l'Orme

Luceram from the lower west side of Col de l'Orme (telephoto view)