Col de Malissol

This pass is an intermediate summit on a ride connecting La Mure with the Gorge de la Romanche. The summit is also on the profile of a possible highest point of that route, the Col de Morte. Loop rides with Col de Malissol as highest summit curve back down towards La Mure. The profile shows one such option

1.(00.0km,568m) START-END WEST: D26 bridge over Drac
2.(04.7km,874m) La Mure
3.(11.9km,1153m) TOP: Col de Malissol
4.(15.2km,950m) START-END EAST: profile turns right, down
5.(17.4km,970m) la Everras
6.(19.2km,1002m) Orris en Ratier
7.(22.1km,902m) le Haut Sievoz
8.(26.3km,960m) START-END EAST ALT: jct D526 - road from Sievoz, north east of Malbuisson


From South. In order to get the most elevtion gain, the profile starts at the bridge where D526 crosses the lake of the Drac. D526 merges onto busy N85 and climbs up to La Mure. In La Mure D114 climbs towards the pass. There are also many other ways to get to D114 from north of La Mure. The one I took was a very small path, impossible to follow on my 1:200 000 scale map.

D114 is a wide well paved road with little traffic. At half height there are a few nice views to the south. Then the road enters a forest and crests amongst rounded hills

From North. (described downwards) The small villages between here and the top of the next pass, Col de la Morte, look like they have been forgotten by modern times - that can be a good thing. You see the first two villages from the summit of this pass, spread out on half height of rounded wooded hill. Unlike the south, these old towns are not closely clustered hilltop towns. Compared to the villages of the maritime alps, the difference is this:  The hills have become mountains, and living on top of them has no longer represented a strategic advantage.

Since the profile shows Col de Malissol as the highest point, the profile takes a right turn at the junction to Las Everras, and descends back to a southern direction, close to the starting point, La Mure.

 Col de Malissol

A day on an Extended Tour with this point as intermediate summit:

(<Col du Noyer|Col de la Morte>)
Col de Morte, Col de Malissol: Theafrey > small roads and paths with detours onto D115 > Col de Malissol > Chabotte Moulin Viex > Col de la Morte > up N91 Gorge de la Romanche > Bourg d'Oisans <> a few miles of shopping: 49.2miles with 6090ft of climbing in 4:42hrs

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