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SS349 Lavarone via Sp313(sh)

Val Sugana is very characteristic of the dolomite canyons in this area. It has close to vertical walls in many places, and the lake from where this profile starts, is one of the vacation hot spots in the valley. This shoulder summit combines two of the roads climbing away from the lake. The top is a forested plateau.

So the scenic point of this loop is not the summit, but the lower approaches. The summit is a point on the way to Passo de Veccena. So that also could be one of the summit point, if you construct a much longer loop, using one of these approaches. Especially the right side of the profile over Sp313 is a remarkable road. The first picture in the slide show is from the left hand side of the profile (eastern approach). All others are from Sp313.

1.START-END WEST: profile leaves Lago di Caldonazzo in Calceranica from bike path
3.turnoff to Centa San Nicolo from Piari De Pradi
4.jct with Ss350 crossing
6.TOP: 1300m~4265ft SS349 Lavarone via Sp313(sh)
7.profile turns left onto Sp133
8.START-END EAST: river across Brenta near Levico Terme


From West.
There are other more shallow options for climbing this wedge from Trento. But the profile takes the option from the lake through Caldonazo and then Campregheri. All roads are fairly wide and go through a tunnel of forest. The lake and villages sometimes appear in a green window.

Continuing on a wider road, the route climbs above the church of Centa San Nicolo. Shortly after that is an out and back turnoff to Rifugio Paludei. In the nearby village I managed to get some nice photos of distant dolomite walls.Then the road climbs onto the rolling plateau. It rolls so heavily that the road uses an almost 1km long tunnel to go through one of the peaks sitting on top. It is well lit but traffic noise seems amplified somehow.

In Lavarone the plateau transition is complete. Several roads from below and above join at a grand junction. I choose one to hop from one minutare vacation village to the next. Each one seems to have a small park, pefect for a picnic, a town square, a closed tabacceria, and a few albergos to choose from -during a season when they are open. They are pleasant scenery when they are closed. A few selected ones have a scenic lake with an oversized industrial strength hotel towering at its end. From the next junction the road climbs further in switchbacks in calming forest to reach the summit.

From East. (described downwards) The turnoff onto Sp313 directly to Levico Terme came as a surprise to me. Looking again closely at my map, the road is shown on it, though barely visible and not labeled with a number. It is paved all the way down. It engages in extreme and narrow switchbacks, enters two short tunnels 2.50m x 2.50m, that are not visible until you are practically in them (there is a sharp turn before the entrance), and has magnificent vistas up Val Sugano and the lake below. At least twice I encountered deteriorating mysterious rock inscriptions, dedicated to pre WW1 military heros (?) with stern germanic names.

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A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Passo di Veccena