D719 Aspremont (sh)

The east side of the river Var, immediately north of Nice has just about the worst traffic and urban sprawl in the city. Climbing the ridge to the west to this summit is an alternative. It is a more interesting ride and it will also take a lot longer.
1.(50m,00.0km)START-END WEST:route starts climbing D719 or Chemin de Cremat
2.(280m,07.0km)Route de Bellet/Boulvard de Madeleine joins from right
3.(310m,08.9km)another Corniche joins from the Var Valley on left
4.(530m,15.9km)TOP: D719 Aspremont(sh), a short distance past Aspremont
5.(360m,20.2km)START-END EAST ALT: Tourette-Levens: jct with road to Col Chateauneuf
6.(60m,28.0km)START-END EAST: M19 in Saint Andre De La Roche


From West.
A GPS was useful for finding the initial part of this climb. All remotely traffic unclogged sideroads seem to terminate at gigantic construction project, that looks like an oversized deflated, fraying tire. My map says it's supposed to be a Le Clerc business complex. But to the west a small road labeled Chemin de Cremat starts to climb the ridge to the west with determination.

A maze of intersections to houses in the hills follows. But actually, given that there are so many structures up here, it is surprising that the traffic here is fairly light, and the road does its best to keep it no faster than a bicycle by providing millions of turns. I just followed sings for Aspremont and when in doubt choose the uphill option. It worked for me, and finally I arrived at this little hilltown, just in time for the local fruit market next to the road. There are not only great views of the various human construction projects, lining the glacial deposits of the Var, but also great views of the snow cloaked ridge line to the north.

The road reaches its summit after Aspremont, where it crosses a saddle over to the viewshed to Tourette Levens. It looks like small secondary roads to the north reach 50m or so higher elevation. So I'll call D719 a shoulder summit.

From East. A quick descend goes to M19, accompanied by great views of Tourette-Levens and its crowning church tower. M19 is a lot busier and traffic less friendly than on the route described sofar. But one doesn't have to put up with it for very long, if you also go over another summit. That option involves going up M19 to the next traffic circle and then turning right to climb Col de Chateauneuf. The profile does not do this, but instead takes M19 down to Nice, to show a direct climb with maximum elevation gain.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Chemin de la Greo: Berre les Alps s(u)