(aka pso. di M Croce Comelico)

Highest Point:
Eastern Approach:

from Santo Stefano (909m) 727m 22km
Western Approach:

from Innichen (1187m) 449m 15+1/2km
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Kreuzbergpass has a very different character on each side. The east side up the valle Padola and S Stefano has a traditional southern feel to it and involves considerable climbing. The western approach goes through modern ski resorts that have a more sterile feel to them. Although there is not much climbing involved from Innichen (S Candido), far views of the most popular dolomite peaks make this approach interesting.


From East.  A whole series of picturesque villages make this approach interesting. Soon after leaving S Stefano, the first one comes into view. The eye is focused by a church tower up on a bare hillside slope. The village clusters around it. The road turns right into a side valley and the eye searches the slopes above for a possible pass. But it's much too early for that and the road soon turns back in the next switchback, now focusing attention of a range of sharp dolomite peaks behind S Stefano. The next two villages are very linear affairs. They seem to line the road, even though there really is very little room between the road and precipice below. Meanwhile the road has resumed its north westerly course. Choosing a very selective view of field (like in pic 1) Padola has an almost medieval appearance, while cycling through it. Now the villages end and still quite a climb remains through forest to the summit of the road and the base of dolomite towers.

From South. After an extended roll, which is really not very steep, when compared to most passes in the dolomites, the road reaches S Guiseppe, a ski circus town, which also has incredible views of a whole series of dolomite peaks in the Sesto Group, including the Drei Zinnen, which stick up like three remaining fingers from a hand. From here it's a gentle ride down to Innichen (S Candido). Irregardless of which way you turn here, left to Toblach, or further downhill to Lienz, a meticulously paved bike path is perfect for skinny tire bikes.


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