Col Des Egaux

This is the lower of two passes on a short, very scenic road, winding through the south end of the Chartreuse mountains. It can also be cycled by itself with the help of a wild, adventurous gorge.
a profile for this pass is included on the Col de Cluse page


From East.
After turning south from the top of Col de Couz a forested road climbs in changing directions through dense forest. The right side of the road is often built on a wall, and there is only a very low embankment separating the rider from the dropoff. The drop is not very high, but enough so that it would do more than just hurt, if you go over it. The top of Col des Egaux is actually very close to Col de Couz, as the crow flies. But going around in, what seems like circles in the forest, it feels longer to the legs. The top is a populated small village on small mountain meadows. Limestone cliffs seem to reach for the bottom on the western side but can't find it. There is a maze of cables strung into the landscape so that picture taking can be challenging.

From West. (described downwards) Barely a hundred meters drop separates the summit from the start to the next climb: Col de la Cluse. But you can also descend further on a very narrow road to the Gorge du Guiers. You can catch a glimpse of that route from one of the turns during the short descent (picture below), and then you know what you are in for. The profile on the Col de la Cluse page stays up on the mountain.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Col De La Cluse

top: the summit of Col d'Egaux
bottom: telephoto view of the Gorge du Guiers