D32 La Tour s(u)

The summit came as a surprise to me. On a map it looks like the highest point would be further west in Utelle. This is still true, but there is a considerable drop separating the two. The highest point on this side is the town square in la Tour.
the profile for this summit is included in the D32 Utelle s(u) page


From East. A massive series of switchbacks climb out of the canyon of the Tinee. It is rare that the point of highest elevation on a bicycle ride is a medieval town square. Yet there are two spots, that fit this description on this ride: this one, and the other summit on D32 Utelle. This is very different than standing on a windy mountain top, exposed to the elements. Both town squares isolate you from the natural surroundings, and you can spend your time in a restaurant or local store. The town square imparts a feeling, that is comparable to the safety of a bird's nest, eliminating all impression of drops next to the road along the way.

                                    towards La Tour
climbing out of the Gorge de Tinee

From West. The road uses a few switchbacks while descending to cross a canyon at half height. It takes quite a bit of effort to regain the lost elevation on the adjoining D32 Utelle summit(u), especially on a fully loaded mountain bike.

                                      Tour townsquare
La Tour townsquare

A day on an Extended Tour:

D32 Utelle s(u) , D32 La Tour s(u) , D26 Tournefort s(u): Entrevaux > N202 east > D26 Tournefort s(u) > D32 La Tour s(u) > D32 Utelle s(u) > D2565 north > Lantosque: 55.2miles with 5290ft of climbing in 5:37 hours on a fully loaded mountain bike (VDO MC1.0: m4:12.5.24).

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