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Colorado Cycling Summits - unrecognized summits - alphabetical order

- this is a work in progress, not a complete table
- contains two sided summits, both paved road and MTB suitable passes

Name Surface Elevation (ft) Location Nearby Towns
Alkali Creek - Road Gulch s(u) dirt road 8050 Battlement Mesa Silt
Alta Lakes s(u) single/ double track 11270 San Juan Mnts Telluride
Black Mesa s(u) paved road 9121 Black Mesa Sapinero, Crawford
Black Mountain Road s(u) paved road 8920 Front Range foothills Evergreen, Conifer
BLM7058 summit(u): Corcoran Peak
double track
Book Cliffs
de Beque
BLM8114 summit(u): West Elk Ridge Road
double/ single track
White River Plateau
New Castle, Silt
Buford - New Castle Road summit(u) dirt road
White River Plateau
New Castle, Buford
Co131 summit(u): State Bridge - Wolcott
paved road
Crystal Mountain
State Bridge, Wolcott
Co134 east of Tonopas dirt road/ summit paved 9010 Gore Range Tonopas
Coal Creek Canyon summit(u) paved road 8680 Front Range foothills Wondervu, Arvada
Colorado National Monument summit(u) paved road
Uncompaghre Plateau
Grand Junction, Fruita
Colorado Trail: m185.7 s(u) single track
Sawatch Range foothills
(TwinLakes) (Clear Creek Reservoir)
Colorado Trail: m290.5 s(u) hike and bike trail
Cochetopa Hills
(Razor Park Th) (FR850)
Colorado Trail: m299.7 s(u)
hike and bike trail
Cochetopa Hills
(Razor Prk Th) (Cochetopa Pass Rd)
Colorado Trail: m307.4 s(u)
single / double track trail
Cochetopa Hills
(North Cochetopa Pass Rd) (Salt House Pass Rd)
Colorado Trail: m363.1 s(u)
single track bike and hike 12040 San Juan Mtns Lake City
CR2 California Gulch s(u) paved/unpaved 11180 Mosquito Range foothills Leadville
CR9 Turquoise Lake s(u) paved road 10692 Sawatch Range Leadville
CR12 Firebox Rd s(u) dirt road 9840 Waugh Mountain Cotopaxi
CR25 Blue Mesa s(u) dirt road 8900 Blue Mesa Sapinero, Lake City
CR26 Sapinero Mesa s(u) dirt road 9000 Sapinero Mesa Sapinero, Lake City
CR52 Wolf Creek s(u) dirt road 7720 Park Range Steamboat Springs
CR100: Catherine Store Rd s(u) paved road 7200 western slope foothills Glenwood Springs, Carbondale
CR169 Waugh Mtn s(u) dirt road 10620 Waugh Mountain Cotopaxi
CR535 West Dolores Road s(u) dirt / paved road 10130 San Juan Mtns Stoner, Rico
Crawford Gulch Rd s(u) paved/dirt road 8210 Front Range foothills Golden
De Beque cutoff s(u) paved road 5570 Battlement Mesa foothills de Beque
Divide Road s(u) dirt road
Uncompahre Plateau
Montrose, Delta
FR42 Mill Creek Road s(u) double track trail 9810 Park Range Steamboat Springs
FR102C Cooper Loop s(u) trail with walking 11670 Gore Range Leadville
FR123 Richmond Hill s(u)
double/single track 12290 Elk Mountains Aspen, Ashcroft
FR150 Hayden - California Park s(u) dirt road 8670 Park Range Hayden
FR150 California Park - Savery s(u) dirt road 8490 Park Range Savery (Wy)
FR250 Rock Creek s(u) dirt road 10110 Gore Range Kremmling
FR260 Silver Lakes s(u) dirt road 10520 Eastern San Juan Mtns Platoro
FR300 s(u) dirt road/ jeep trail
9900 unnamed Western Slope mesa Glenwood Springs, Silt
FR330 Greyback Mtn s(u) dirt road 11920 Eastern San Juan Mtns Summitville, Del Norte
FR360 Prospect Mtn s(u) dirt road 11630 Eastern San Juan Mtns Summitville, Del Norte
FR400 Gardner Rd s(u) dirt road 10780 Wet Mountains Mc Kenzie Jct
FR401 Deer Peak s(u) double track trail 11520 Wet Mountains Mc Kenzie Jct, Gardner
FR359 East San Juan Mtns s(u) double track trail 11480 Eastern San Juan Mtns South Fork
FR402 South Divide Road s(u) dirt road
Uncompahre Plateau
FR411 Hahn's Peak s(u) jeep trail 9560 Park Range Steamboat Springs, Columbine
FR500 Red Dirt Park - Hay Park s(u) dirt road 9770 Park Range Columbine
FR529 - FR430 s(u) double track 8821 Sawatch Range foothills Gypsum
FR611 s(u): High Trail double track 8689 White River Plateau Dotsero
FR618 s(u) dirt road 10358 San Juan Mtns (Beaver Park)
FR700 Chimney Rock Rd s(u) dirt road 10020 Rabbit Ears Range Kremmling
FR700 Red Sandstone Rd s(u) dirt road 10674 Park Range Kremmling
FR708 Resolution Mountain s(u) double track with bike and hike 11905 Gore Range (Camp Hale)
FR745 Lime Creek Road s(u) double track 11240 Gore Range Redcliff
FR766 Fairview Mine s(u) hike and bike route
Sawatch Range
Pitkin, (Taylor Park)
FR801 Flagpole Mtn s(u)
dirt road 10400 unnamed Western Slope mesa New Castle, Silt
FR867 Alpine Plateau Road s(u) dirt road
San Juan Mtns
Lake City
FR869 Toll Road Gulch s(u) jeep road 11220 Sawatch Range Poncha Springs, Bonanza
Gap Road s(u) hard medalled 9460ft Front Range foothills (Golden Gate Canyon Park)
Genesee Park s(u) paved/ dirt road
Front Range foothills
Gibson Gulch - East Creek summit(u) double track
unnamed Western Slope mesa
New Castle, Silt
Golden Gate Canyon s(u)
paved road
Front Range foothills
(Dory Hill)
Grand Mesa summit(u) paved road 10838 Grand Mesa Grand Junction, Delta
Grapevine Road summit(u) dirt road
Front Range foothills
Genesee, Idlewild
Hastings Mesa summit(u) dirt road 9160 San Juan mtns Sawpit, Ridgway
High Grade Road see Pleasant Park Road shoulder summit
Kerp Road s(u) dirt road 9240 Sangre de Cristo foothills Fort Garland
Mineral Belt bike path s(u) paved bike path 10614 Mosquito Range foothills Leadville
Monarch Crest Trail single track
Sawatch Range
Poncha Springs
Montane Drive s(u)
Front Range foothills
Peak to Peak Highway summit(u) m15.3 paved road
Front Range foothills
Rist Canyon summit(u) paved road 8000 Front Range foothills Fort Collins, Masonville
Roan Plateau summit(u) dirt road 9220 Roan Plateau Rifle
South Deer Creek Road
see Pleasant Park Road shoulder summit
Stagecoach Road s(u) paved road 8100 Front Range foothills Evergreen
TR700 Dry Creek Trail s(u) single track 12130 Eastern San Juan Mtns Del Norte
Wasatch Connector Trail s(u) single track 12630 San Juan Mtns Telluride
White River Plateau s(u) dirt road/ double track trail 11070 White River Plateau New Castle, Dotsero
Wild Horse Trail summit(u) jeep trail
Book Cliffs
de Beque
Wyoming Trail s(u) single track trail 10610 Gore Range Steamboat Springs