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FR150 Hayden - Californa Park s(u)

FR150 is a long ranch road, connecting Hayden with the collection of houses that make up Savery, Wyoming. On its way it crosses two summits, that connect large grassy parks - a real rancher's paradise. The profile goes over both summits and this is the higher of the two.

1.(mile00.0,6420ft) START-SOUTH: jct FR150-CFR70, north east of Hayden
2.(07.9mile,7110ft) jct with CR56 over the ridge is on right
3.(09.3m,7410ft) intermediate high pointmi_pix
4.(15.8m,8570ft) TOP: FR150 Hayden - California Park s(u)
5.(19.7m,7940ft) lowest point on FR150 in California Park
6.(25.3m,8490ft) TOP2: FR150 California Park - Savery s(u)
7.(37.0m,7690ft) jct with CR1 on left, going through to Co13
8.(50.0m,6580ft) START-END NORTH: Salt Creek Crossing, just south of jct FR150-Co129, south of Slater, Wy.


From North.
When CR80 branches off from CR70, north of Hayden, travel by bicycle slows down considerably. Climbing steeply on a gravel surface, is just slow and labor intensive. But looking back the Yampa River with its rich glade of trees on both sides helps to at least imagine coolness. The Flattops behind in the distance also still have some snow on them.

But the initial torture really does not last long. After that comes a fast section over rolling hills, slanting upwards. There is one more descent, not quite big enough to count as a separate summit, and finally the green waves of ranching country show the first signs of transition to a cool aspen and evergreen forest. The road reaches a summit shortly after finally entering national forest land, on a straight stretch in the forest. A big parking lot is organized around public land informational signs. But all the signs are blank

From South. I think this side is much more attractive.  A few descending switchbacks give rest and provide an introduction for the landscape of geometric blocks ahead, in California Park.

A Ride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: FR42 Mill Creek Rd s(u)