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CRK8 Dolores Rim(sh)

Canyon rims on the Colorado Plateau come in all shapes, sizes, colors and conditions of accessibility and popularity. The rim of Dolores Canyon belongs to the less visited, and more difficult to access areas. This short track over unmarked jeep trails is well suited for mountain bike travel. It contains just one short section with great views of the canyon area. The rest of the trip, you could be traveling on an ordinary, low and rolling grassy plain.

1.(mile00.0,6750ft) START-END SOUTH: low point on Co149, immediately north of jct with Co491
2.(mile10.3,7420ft)Co141 Dove Creek - Naturita s(u)
3.(mile10.8,7310ft)profile turns right onto K8 road
4.(mile13.2,7450ft)profile stays right and uphill at this jct
5.(mile16.6,8000ft)TOP:profile turns left from K8 onto BLM4020
6,(mile21.6,7440ft) START-END NORTH: same as point 4


From South.
CRK7 is a wide, fairly smooth gravel road, north of the summit on Co149 between Dove Creek and Naturita. The profile includes the paved part on Co149 from Dove Creek. Riding along it the view stretches south to the La Sal Mountains over miles and over many mile of sweeping grassland.

After turning off the paved road, the loop shown in the profile keeps right and goes uphill at 2 junctions. It reaches a shoulder summit point at a third junction.

From South. (described downwards) Once on top of the ever so flat and rounded hill, a left turnoff goes over a deeply rutted but, but non rocky and easily rideable double track trail towards the rim area of the Dolores Canyon.  Once if flattens out, it is not far from the short section of the track, with a great view of the canyon, and all the way to Lone Cone Peak.

Continuing on the well traveled track you have to cross one gate toward a cow watering station. Continuing on the road in westerly direction leads back to CRK7. There is also a way to make the loop longer and take one of the roads towards the north to join Co149 at a lower point.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Dolores Rim Overlook(ow) | North Creek Rd - Hart's Draw Rd s(u) > )

CRK7 Dolores Rim(sh) : western end of Dove Creek > US666 west > Co149 north <> out and back on CRH1 east past the point of surface becoming rocky jeep trail >> Co149 north > CRK7 east > unmarked roads as shown on profile biack to jct with CRK7 > Co149 south > US666 east back to starting point: 442miles with 3170ft of climbing in 5:06hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:19.9 28)