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South Valley Road  (sh)

Even never leaving suburban Denver, there are a number of small, interesting climbs in the hogback ridges of the western suburbs. This is one of the most popular. There are number of different summit points in between these upscale suburban developments. But they all share the amazing rock monument scenery of South Valley Park, on the south side of this approach.

01.(5350ft,mile00) START-END NORTH: jct Bear Creek Path - Sheridan Ave
02.(5390ft,mile02) jct: Bear Creek Path - Wadsworth Ave.
03.(5400ft,mile03) jct: Bear Creek Path - Garrison Ave bike route
04.(5510ft,mile04) jct: Bear Creek Path - Morrison Rd. Route follows road into Golf Course
05.(5680ft,mile06) intermediate high point on Bear Creek Damn, north of lake
06.(5680ft,mile07) profile turns left onto C470 path
07.(5810ft,mile12) intermediate high point on south side of Bear Creek Reservoir, near intersection with Quincy Ave
08.(5950ft,mile14) C470 bike path - Bowles Ave(sh)
09.(5890ft,mile16) jct C470 bike path - Ken Caryl Ave
10.(6060ft,mile) TOP: South Valley Rd(sh), also intersection with Valley Pkwy
11.(5750ft,mile) profile turns left down Deer Creek Canyon
12.(5620ft,mile) jct with Ute Dr on left. Profile stays right
13.(5520ft,mile) START-END SOUTH: jct Deer Creek Canyon - Wadsworth Blvd. Profile turns west, shortly thereafter left into Chatfield state park
14.(5440ft,mile) START-END SOUTH ALT: Chatfield reservoir water access


From North. Between points 1 and 8, the profiled route is the same as the one to C470 bike path - Bowles Ave(sh). At point 8 the profiled route turns right onto Ken Karyl Blvd. At the first jct, going right onto North Valley Blvd is also an option, leading a few feet higher, which then merges back into the profile at the summit.

Following South Valley Rd, a short climb on a four lane road leads to the top. There is also a bike path on the east side of the road, but it doesn't seem to get much use

From South. (described downwards). Shortly after the summit, there is an access area to South Valley Park on the east side of the road. I often pass this way roughly around lunch time and the elaborate picknick shelters make a great lunch spot. On a nice day it's amazing how many cyclists you see climbing up form Turkey Creek Canyon.

The rest of the short descent is some the nicest scenery that suburban Denver has to show off. These are the nature sculptured rock outcrops behind the first hogback. The profile continues down Deer Creek Canyon. Taking a left at point 12 onto Ute Drive, makes it possible to get back onto the C470 path after a tiny climb. The profile goes to the start of Deer Creek Canyon road, where many bikers park their cars, and a little further to the shores of Chatfield Reservoir.