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US285 - Co74 shoulder summit: Conifer

Highest Point:

Southern Approach:

[1] from Morrison, jct: Co8-Bear Creek Canyon, via Co8 and US285 (5800ft) 2480ft 14+1/2miles ~400ft
[2] from jct US285-Co8, via US285 (6120ft) 2160ft 12+1/2miles ~400ft
Western Approach:

[7] from jct: Co8-Bear Creek Canyon, via Bear Creek Canyon and Evergreen on Co74 (5800ft) 2480ft 19+1/2miles ~100ft
The southern approach profiled here goes along US285, since this is the most direct route. US285 is a busy 4 lane road, generally with a wide shoulder. Cycling on it is legal and (on this section) safer than many 2 lane roads, although the shoulders can be sandy in the spring. However substituting the Deer Creek Canyon shoulder summit, and South Turkey Creek Road for the lower southern approach is a better option.


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