view east from above the Fairview Mine

left: the main spine of the Sawatch Range from the FR766 summit
right: past Shaw Ridge the trail emerges above treeline and contours along Fairview Mountain

Last view back up FR766 towards the Fairview Mine summit,
 before descending to the Cumberland Pass Rd

FR766 Fairview Mine s(u)

Highest Point:

Northern Approach:

from jct FR742 - dirt rd to Union Park (9380ft) 2630ft 15+1/2miles ~1000ft
from Union Park cow camp (9580ft) 2430ft 10+1/2miles ~500ft
Western Approach:

from Parlin (7960ft) 4050ft 26miles
from jct FR766 - Cumberland Pass Rd (10050ft) 1960ft 5+1/2miles



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