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The Pyrenees

Alphabetic Table

O Ordino (Collado de) - 1981m: popular, high cycling pass with both approaches in Andorra.

Pequera (Alto de) s(u) -1821m: smooth surface Vuelta climb with amazingly nonexistant traffic
A Ares (Col des) -799m: a low pass near Bagneres-de-Luchon, that makes a pleasant detour

Arnosteguy (Col d') -1236m: steep and narrow road to Basque pastures on the Spanish border

Arthaburo s(u) -1160m: unnamed summit surrounded by famously steep and narrow passes near St-Jean-de-la-Port

Aspin (Col d') -1489m: popular Tour de France Pass with a perfect view on the Pic du Midi de Bigorre

Aubisque (Col d') -1709m: one of the most popular and scenic Pyrenees rides, because of a traverse along the face of a cliff

Ausines (Col des) -620m: low pass across from the Massif de Canigou. Three roads meet here, making many loops possible

Aussieres (Col d') -1060m: pastoral eastern Pyerenees pass, going by a Cathar castle

Azet (Col d') -1580m: foothills climb with a long Tour-de-France hystory
B Bales (Port de) -1755m: compared to the other Bagneres-de-Luchon Tour-de-France passes, this one is remote and wild.

Bagargui (Col de) -1327m: climbs from dense rain forest to a small ski area - very popular with racers, and short very steep parts

Beyrede (Col de) -1430m: a small rough road pass, wich is a alternate to nearby busy passes made famous through the Tour de France.

Borderes (Col de) -1156m: a low traffic alternative to the lower approach of Col d'Aubisque

Burdincurutcheta (Col de) -1138: gateway to many narrow road passes in the Atlantic Pyrenees
G Gamia (Col de) -503m: low traffic and low elevation option, to complete some pass loops from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port
H Hautacam(ow) -1520m: Tour-de-France climb to ski area. Best scenery is above here

Hourquette d'Anzican s(u) -1564m: a popular ride through a series of high grazing meadows with sweeping views
J Jau (Col de) -1506m: road across Pyrenean foothill plateau with fascinating old towns alogn the way.
L Lac d'Aumart/ d'Aubert(ow) -2200m: rough road to a reservoir and other wild lakes near the Spanish border

Lancon (Col de) -1120m: an often overlooked narrow road in a maze of famous passes
M Mel (Col de) -1760m: obscure, small alternate crossing to the better know Col de la Perche

Mente (Col de) -1349m: a Bagneres-de-Luchon Tour de France climb in the foothills

Mollo (Colle/Cod de) -231m: a low pass between the seaside town Coullioure and the Tour de Madeloc
P Palomere (Col de) -1036m: remote curvy road near the Massif de Canigou, highest mountain in the eastern Pyrenees

Perche (Col de la) -1579m: main traffic crossings between Prades in France and Puigcerda in Spain.

Peyresroude (Col de) -1569m: a Tour de France favorite, because it just happens to be between Col du Tourmalet and eastern Pyrennes.

Plateau Salinas s(u) -2210m: one side paved, one side trail, leading to the top of this high grassy plateau on the French Spanish border above Puigcerda and the .Col des Pradeilles.

Portet (Col de) -2215m: steep one-way paved Tour-de-France climb to a ski station

Portillon (Col du) -1320m: low border pass between France and Spain. The main ridge of the Pyrenees is located on the Spanish side here.

Puymorens (Col de) -1915m: main historical crossing and still a highway between Spain and France, with Andorra just around the corner
R Roque Jalere (Col de) -991m: great views of the Canigou Massif from this open and windy summit on a high and dry plateau
S Segus s(u) -570m: closest small climb to Lourdes and its cathedral - a tiny road through small villages

Spandelles (Col de) -1378m: extremely narrow road climb with heavy bicycle traffic near Col de Soulor

St Ignace (Col de via Sarre) s(u) -190m: this low pass is on a ride around "La Rhune", a landmark mountain on the Atlantic coast

Superbagneres(ow) -1780m: a famous Tour-de-France climb to a ski station, which is also a great starting point to hike the mountains above

Tentes (Col de)(ow) -2208m: paved out and back climb into a National Park and World Heritage area. On a trail a decent into Spain is possible.
T Tour de Madeloc s(u) - 450m: a narrow two way summit road directly above the Mediterranean sea, with an out and back to an old fortification tower,

Tourmalet (Col de) -2015m: no other pass is more strongly associated with the Tour de France - the first pass above 2000m in the race
A Aisa (Alto de) s(u) -1227m: an isolated road between two removed medieval villages

Arnat (Collado d') s(u) -1340m: top is unpaved; 18 tight switchbacks down a steep limestone canyon outside Seu d'Urgell
B Beret (Puerto de) -1890m: a wild unpaved alternative to nearby Puerto Bonaiqua

Bonaiqua (Port de) -2072m: the pass crosses the main ridge of the Pyrenees, which is located completely in Spain here.

Buerba s(u) -1175m: 36km of so much scenery, that I spent more time taking pictures than cycling
C Canto (Port de) -1725m: within 300 meters of the magic 2000 meter mark. But this pass goes over a large, gentle green foothill ridge.

Cotefablo (Pto de) -1423m: fairly busy pass on the Spanish Transpyrenean Axis route

Creu de Perves s(u) -1334m: a fairly long. rolling plateau above tree line over several named divides and two hilltowns along the way.
E Estany de Montcortes s(u) -1070m: a small summit with a fascinating hilltown.

Eyne s(u) -1620m: small detour on a smaller more pleasant road, while heading for Col de la Perce
F Fadas (Coll de) -1470m: also goes over shoulder point Collado de Espina; a busy rugged limestone canyon on the west side.

Fanlo (Alto de)  s(u) -1399m: The hilltown Fanlo watches from high above over the entrance to Parque Nacional Odesa y Monte Perdido

Foradada (Coll de) -1020m: the closest thing to a highway pass I have cycled sofar in Spain
H Hecho (Alto de) -1100m: link in a foothill traverse along the Pyrenees
I Ibaneta (Collado de) -1057m: border pass with extensive history of conflicts, with remnants and displays therof

Ibarburua (Col de via D417) s(u) -1080m: narrow road pass to herding area above tree line, with several options to get to the top from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port

Ibardin (Col d') -317m: low French-Spanish border pass with shopping on top, in spite of the narrow road
J Jaizkibe (Alto de) -451m: directly above the Atlantic with great views of it and the Pyrenean foothills on the other side
L Larrau (Puerto de) -1573m: an infamously steep climb on the French side leads to a sweeping tundra traverse along the Spanish border.

Los Molinos s(u) -940m: a small sideroad summit in Paruqe Nacional Odesa y Monte Perdido area, with a sidetrip to a very "out of the way" Hermitage church.
M Montllobar (Collado de) s(u) -1050m: this part of the Eastern Pyrenees are a fascinating semi dessert.
P Pierre St-Martin (Col de la) -1802m: high karst topography with glaciated horn in the distance and megalythic ski area along the French Spanish border

Pic de l'Orri s(u) -2439m: a high ski mountain with a far panoramic view of the Pyrenean main ridge. With a mountain bike you can ride a loop over the peak

Portillon (Col du) -1320m: border between Spanish and French Pyrenees; but it never reaches treeline, and weather it crosses the main ridge of the Pyrenees is arguable.
S Santa Barbara (Puerto de) -875m: gentle foothills pass, that gives a panoramic view of the Pyreneen main ridge; with a limestone canyon along the southern approach.

Songuera(sh) -1220m: bumpy two way summit on the way to an amazing out and back hilltop town.
T Trava (Collado de la) -1510m: old villages on low traffic road, not far from Metro-Andorra, maybe some of the best cycling of Andorra is in here in adjoining Spain
U Urkiaga (Collado de) -890m: small road alternative to Collado Ibaneta on the French border
Z Zuriza (Alto de) -1290: idyllic summit pastures give way to an isolated road through a narrow limestone canyon