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Songuera(sh) / Tornafort(ow)

This is the lower part of Puerto de Canto from Sort combined with a small, narrow cari "rural" (a small narrow road) with an imperfect surface but outstanding scenery, and a one way climb to an unforgettable hill town. In order to minimize any possible surface problems with a skinny tire bike, it would be best to climb the south side, and descend the north on the Canto road to Sort.

1.(00.0km,0680m)START-END WEST:bridge over Riu Noguera Pallaresa, south of Sort
2.(06.4km,0620m)profie goes left towards Snguera
5.(14.5km,1290m)TOP: junction N260 - road to Songuera/ Tornafort
6.(25.2km,m690)START-END EAST: Sort


From South.
The turnoff from N260 north of Baro is labeled "Tornafort", and you really can't miss it. The narrow road passes trailhead parking and then goes through a dense alley of trees. I wonder if this once was the main road to Tornaford, at a time when the trees were still much smaller.

The road works itself in swtichbacks up the hill. The high peaks to the north are rarely glimpsed. Then at the only junction along the way, the profile for the two way summit stays left, contouring along the slope, taking in every fold the mountain has to offer. The first collection of stone huts is Puigfornu, a small high point. Old medieval structures intermingle with modern beef farming. The narrow road with the many holes continues to contour, but the views get much better the further west you go, because now Tornafort it moving into ever improving light and position, in front of peaks behind it. An additonal village on the other side of the Canto road also gets noticed. From the lip of houses named Songuera all the features of the landscape, with its cliffs and hanging houses, its green lushness and white lofty hights are in orderely bowl in front of the viewer. From here the road climbs in a few switchbacks to meet with the road between Sort and Collado/Puerto de Canto. This is the highest point

From North. (descirbed downwards) This downhill is much faster and less porblematic than the narrow road on the south side with all its potholes. It also happens to have the best view points of Sort itself. The road descends steeply right into to heard of the village and its green playground arcade.

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Sidetrip to Tornafort

The most interesting views of this village are from the longer southern approach. The smoothest and most direct way to climb the summit is from the northern approach. On a mountain bike this doesn't make any difference. This road makes it so difficult for regular vehicles to climb that there are few if any tourists on it. I saw one 4 wheel drive car twice, once on the way up, once on the way down. There are several trails leaving from Tornafort, one to a mirador about 1 hrs above, another to Puigfornu on the southern approach

1.(00.0km,0680m)START-END WEST:bridge over Riu Noguera Pallaresa, south of Sort
2.(06.4km,0620m)profie goes left towards Snguera
3.(11.3km,1270m)ONE WAY TOP: Tournafort

A Dayride with this point as shoulder summit is on page: Collado de Canto