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Scenic one-way climbs to ski areas, favored by bicycle racers and Tour de France aficionados alike, abound in the Pyrenees. Here is another one. Considerable part of it is above treelline, and there are great views. Lots of bicycle touring companies make their customers go up here. On top there is a great little walk for those inclined, if the weather plays along.

1.(00.0km,0420m)START-END WEST:Voi Verte de Gaves, east of Argeles-Gazost
2.(03.9km,0460m)profile turns onto road to Hautacam from D13
4.(14.9km,1340m)first signed top: ski area parking lot
5.(17.3km,1520m)TOP:end of pavement at Tramissal kiosk


From West.
After leaving Boo-Silhen, the climb consists of long traverses, that seem to never end, before finally switching back in the other direction. Once the road reaches treeline, there are a few particularly steep stretches before the road gives up, and now tries a different strategy. It now submits to a flurry of switchbacks, which are more easily rideable. In the meantime the view has grown very expansive, reaching from the plains to the north to ridges on the Spanish border near Col d' Aubisque.

This road does give cyclists the sign treatment, with remaining climbing elevation and grade. However - when you get to the top of what they call Hautacam, another sign indicates the remaining climbing to be done to Kiosk Tramassel. The Kiosk Tramassel is called Hautacam, as far as this page is concerned.

Just a little higher on a dirt track is also a Col Tramassel. It has no road going down the other side. It is however the starting point for a very scenic short walk direction Pic de Narbou.

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Dayride with this point as highest one way summit, and no two way summits:


( < Col de Tentes(ow) | Col d'Aubisque > )

Hautacam(ow) : Boo-Silhen > Hautacam << back down to Boo-Silhen with several miles of detour around the village:  22.8miles with 3990ft of climbing in 2:36hrs
Notes: half day ride, started at 1pm. Day also included a short walk from the top to Col Tramassel and the knob before reaching Pic de Narbou
h+b: max-min=5686-1335=4351, 26.7miles with 4823ft of climbing in 3:44hrs


Cycling - Tour de France: A stage of the race ended 5 times at the ski area parking lot, that is at a point below the highest point on the profile, between 1994 and 2014. The year 2000 was the longest of these days, with a roundabout 204km from nearby Lourdes. In 2014, the stage went over famous Col du Tourmalet (as well as a few other in comparison minor passes) and ended with a climb to this ski area, 145.5km.