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Collado de Montllobar s(u)

This side of the Pyrenees Occidental foothills are a semi dessert. I love this kind of scenery. It reminds me of Utah. This is a gently rolling dessert summit with far views of the high ridges of the Pyrenees, and all the geology in between. Considering the surroundings, this summit is surprisingly high. - Little to no traffic - Road is regular width.

1.(00.0km,0530m) START-END EAST:foot bridge over Noguero Ribagorcana, directly into Montanara
2.(10.9km,1050m)TOP: Collado de Montllobar s(u)
3.(13.0km,0962m)viewing area at Collado de Montllobar
4.(26.4km,0450m)START-END WEST:low point at river bridge, just south of Tremps


From West.
Just south of Puente de Montana a sideroad starts its curvy climb towards Tremp. There is also a small footbridge from N230 that goes directly into the little village Puente de Montana and then connects with a narrow road - a small interesting detour.

The road climbs through brush forest onto bare outcrops. Periodically far vistas over all the layer cake rocks to the north open up. They draw the eye to the wall of white teeth in the distance, the Pyrenean main ridges. To the south another dry ridge, the Montsec d'Ares is foreshortend into a wall by the afternoon light, getting flatter by the second, due to hazy afternoon clouds. That's  okay. It is amazingly hot here on this 23rd of May, and maybe some clouds will help. The highest part of the road comes during a forested section. There are no views from there.

From East. But just one turn takes the little road reaches the actual signed collado, which is a little lower than the summit point. From there the entire valley and various limestone ridges, outcrops and multifaceted landforms surrounding Tremp, appear in a grand vista. Unfortunately the light did not cooperate for good photographs. The way down has lots of tight turns, and every once in a while there is a car coming in the other direction, just when you don't expect it. So always expect it !!

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A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Collado de Creu de Perves