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Collado de Trava

This is the antidote to riding in Andorra. These mountains are not as high or as bare, or as steep. But from a joy of cycling standpoint, this is where it's at. Lots of curves, lots of trees, lots of climbing, good far views, surprising hill towns, and hopefully pretty good weather. This road is relatively wide in most places. The most patched section is the middle of the northern approach. Otherwise it is excellently smooth.

1.(00.0km,0670m)START-END NORTH:bridge over El Segre, south end of El Seu d'Urgel;
2.(16.8km,1510m)TOP:Collado de Trava
4.(23.3km,1389m)Collado de Banks
5.(34.5km,1030m)jct with road to Tuixent; profile takes a hard left
6.(44.2km,0860m)START-END SOUTH:low point along Riu de la Vantsa, and starting point up Collado d'Arnat


From North.
Once you find your way across the river El Segre from the old center of La Seu d'Urgell, and have turned off the main road, you soon encounter a sign aimed at cyclists, announcing this pass (picture included), together with all the usual statistics. This road heads up for that huge limestone hogback ridge, that is the characteristic landmark for Seu d'Urgell. However it just crosses the western flank of it. The last really good view of it comes, when approaching the first little town in the hills El Cres. After that the road contours to the west and leads to the Mirador de Trava. It has the best landscape views along the way, including an imposing perspective on the mountains behind Andorra La Vella. The pass itself is mostly tree surrounded

From South. (described downwards) Another old village soon competes for attention Adraen. But if the route continues direction Tuxent, the towns along the way are just going to get more interesting. The next small junction is Collado de Banks. Going right here is a short cut to Collado d'Arnat. However the profile takes the long way, and it is also the more interesting one, leading by the villages Farnois and Cornellana.

In the course of the ride between here, then taking a next right to a low point between this pass and Collado d'Arnat, Cornellana appears from pretty much all sides, and that includes from above and from far below. Not sure which one I like better.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


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Collado de la Trava , Collado d'Arnat s(u) , additional out and back : La Seu d'Urgell > El Cres > Collado de la Trava (1480m) > Adraen > Col de Banks (1369m,shp) > Farnois > Cornellana <> out and back to Tuxen <> separate out and back 4km one way towards Josa del Cadi >> Sorribes > Collado d'Arnat s(u) > Montan > N260 north > Adrall > back to starting point in La Seu d'Urgell: 67.6miles with 7121ft of climbing in 6:46hrs (garmin etrex30 r5:19.5.18)