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Col del Roque Jalere

This pass crosses a high and dry plateau, north of the Massif de Canigou, which is part of the main ridge of the Pyrenees. In this area, this is the pass with the most far reaching views, including other passes, that are quite a bit higher.

1.(00.0km,0270m)START-END SOUTH:bridge over river La Tet, Quixanes
3.(03.4km,0300m)route joins direct approach from Prades
4.(06.9km,0390m)profile goes right from way to Col de Jau
5.(17.5km,0991m)TOP: Col de Roque Jalere
8.(31.4km,0390m)START-END NORTH:bridge over river la Desix at jct with road to Col des Auzines


From South.
On the north end of Prades, there is a choice of two passes, Col de Jau and this one. The road climbs in long ramps onto a high bare plateau, located directly across from the Massif de Canigou. On the lower part a dirt turnoff leads to a chapel. The Santiago de Compostella trail, is not just a single trail, but a whole network of pilgrimage sites, some more remote than others, and this is one of them. The church is not easly seen from the road as you pass it while climbing. But later, looking back you can see it from above.

This pass is located at the highest point, and it marks the exact spot where the road turns away from the Massif de Canigou. There is a short grown over traill at the top, that climbs one of these wind swept bread loaves a little higher. Some of the pictures in the slide show are taken from that trail.

From South. (described downwards) After a very short ride through forest, the viewshed opens up in an equally grand and sweeping way direction north. The road contours around a gentle amphitheater of sweeping high grass. Only slowly does the transmission facilty on the top of the mountain actually move into the upper field of vision. The village Campoussy is an alternate to the signed main route. It is not really much longer, but the more interesting route.

After a tiny climb, more gentle descend leads to the old village, Sournia, and a further descend leads to a low point at a bridge crossing a creek. A hundred yards away remnants of an ancient stone arch bridge still look functional for people to cross

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Col de Jau | Plateau de Salinas s(u) > )

Col de Roque Jalere , Col des Auzines x2: Rodes > Eus > Col de Roque Jalere > Sournia > Col des Auzines <> out and back to just past Trevillach ~95m below Col des Auzines >> Col des Auzines > Talerach > Marcevol > back to starting point in Vinca: 41.9m with 4138ft of climbing in 4:432hrs (garmin etrex30 r5:11.5.10)
Notes: the short and slow ride after a long and not so slow ride. The local "baquette goats" (picture below on right) managed to nab one of my baguettes, sticking out of the saddle bags. Luckily I could save the second loaf.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page:

Col d'Aussieres