Utah Summits and Passes - unpaved roads and trails - highest first

- contains two sided unpaved summits.
- tabulation order: highest elevation first
- unnamed/ unsourced summits are followed with s(u)
- if one of two approaches is paved, the pass is listed in this table, not in the "paved passes" table.
-.Passes that contain a principal paved and alternate unpaved approach are listed in this table and the "paved passes" table.
- Elevations refer to the maximum altitude along an MTB approach. If this maximum elevation differs from the pass elevation, the pass elevation follows in ().

elevation (ft)
nearby towns or (landmarks)
  10999 - 10000    
Burro Pass
single track trail
La Sal Mtns
FR134 summit(u): Blind Stream 10865 dirt road Hanna Uinta Range
FR129 Geyser Pass s(u) 10700
dirt road
La Sal Mtns
Barney Top
dirt road/double track
Escalante Plateau
Nioche - Lost Creek Divide 10550 dirt road Sevier Plateau Salina
Geyser Pass 10538
dirt road
La Sal Mtns
La Sal, Paradox(Co)
North Creek Pass
dirt road
Abajo Mtns
Monticello, Blanding
FR154 summit: Posey Lake 10040
dirt road
Torrey, Boulder
Aquarius Plateau
Bruin Point summit(u) 10131
jeep road
Bookcliffs, Roan Cliffs
FR249 summit(u): Star Point
jeep road
Huntington, Price
Wasatch Plateau

9999 - 9000

FR18 Red Clound Loop 9975 dirt road Vernal Uinta Range
Wasatch Crest Trail summit(u) - 1 9970
single track
Park City, Salt Lake City
Wasatch Range
Trail Hollow Summit 9910 (8860)
dirt road
(Strawberry Reservoir)
Wasatch Plateau
FR113 Winkler Point s(u) 9900 dirt road Marysvale Tushar Mountains
FR71 Moffit Basin(sh) 9850 indistinct trail (Whitney Reservoir) Uinta Mountains
Reservation Ridge Road summit(u) 9835 dirt road Duchesne Roan Cliffs
TR157 summit(u): Ridge Trail: mile 7 9740 single track Provo, Alpine Wasatch Range
Guardsman Pass 9710 dirt/medalled road Midway, Salt Lake City Wasatch Range
FR150 - 290 Mary's Nipple(sh) 9670 dirt road High Top s(u) Salina
FR022 summit: Ferron Canyon 9650 dirt road Ferron Wasatch Plateau
FR221 Uinta Mountains 9360 dirt road Manila Uinta Mountains
Hell's Backbone Road summit(u) 9160
dirt road
Escalante, Bounder
Aquarius Plateau
Skyline Drive - North summit(u) 9100 dirt road Bountiful, Farmington Wasatch Range
Soapstone Pass 9077 dirt road Kamas Uinta Mountains
  8999 - 8000    
Pole Line Pass 8930 jeep road Midway, Salt Lake area Wasatch Range
FR168 Mill Hollow s(u) 8850 jeep road Logan Bear River Range
FR88 the Notch s(u) 8760 dirt road Blanding Elk Ridge
FR221 Sheep Creek - Long Park Res.(sh) 8700 double track trail Manila Uinta Mtna
FR42 Strawberry Ridge 8630 dirt road (Strawberry Reservoir) Wasatch Plateau
FR111 Joseph Peak 8590 dirt road Richfield  
Kokopelli's Trail summit(u):m114 8560 double track trail/ paved Castleton, (Fisher Tower) La Sal mtn area
FR004 Water Hollow s(u) 8520 dirt road Salina Wasatch Plateau
Horse Canyon summit(u) 8515
dirt road
(Range Creek archeological area)
FR88 Bears Ears(sh) 8506 dirt road Blanding southern plateaus
FR95 Causeway
dirt  road
southern plateaus
Book Cliffs Divide 8450
dirt road
(Haley Dome)
Bookcliff Ridge Rd(sh) 8400 dirt road Book Cliffs Divide Bookcliffs
La Sal Loop Rd s(u) via Sand Flats Rd 8320
dirt road/ paved
Castleton, Moab
La Sal mtn area
FR077 summit: Paragonah - jct Ut20
dirt road
southern plateaus
  7999 - 7000    
FR007 Temple Fork(sh) 7970 dirt road Logan, Meadowville Bear River Range
Nine Mile Canyon Road summit 7501
dirt road
Bookcliffs, Roan Cliffs
Soldier Pass 7450
dirt road
Milford, Beaver
Mineral Mountains
CR2261 Jacob's Chair Rd s(u)
double track trail
(Glen Canyon) (Dark Canyon)
Colorado Canyons
Hubble Creek Canyon, right hand fork summit 7379
dirt road
Spanish Fork
Wasatch Range
Bear River Plateau -1(sh) 7290 double track trail Laketown Bear River Plateau
  6999 - 6000    
Bear River Plateau -2 s(u) 6970 double track trail Laketown Bear River Plateau
South Eden Cny - North Eden Cny(sh) 6960 indistinct trail Laketown Bear River Plateau
FR47 Blacksmith Fork Canyon: left hand 6720   Logan, Hyrum Bear Lake Summit
CR228 - CR227 Brushy Basin Rim Rd(sh) 6410 dirt road Blanding southern plateaus
Kokopelli's Trail summit(u):m088 6370
single track/dirt road
(Dewy Bridge), (Fisher Tower)
La Sal mtn area
CR258 Radium King Road s(u) 6210
dirt road
(Glen Canyon)
Colorado Canyons
Ut313 Island in the sky s(u) via Shafer Trail and Long Canyon
dirt road
southern plateaus
Ut313 - Gemini Bridges Rd(sh) 6040 dirt road Moab Ut313 Island in the Sky s(u)
  5999 - 5000    
Mineral Bottom Road (sh) 5960 dirt road Moab Ut313 Island in the Sky s(u)
Bitter Creek Divide 5710
dirt road
(Notom), (Bullfrog Marina)
Waterpocket Fold
Ut313 - Spring Canyon Rd(sh) 5490 dirt road Moab Island in the Sky s(u)
CR2064 Blue Notch Rd s(u) 5360 dirt road Colorado Canyons (Glen Canyon)
Salt Wells Road s(u) 5320 dirt road Penrose Promontory Range
Tusher Canyon summit(u) 5300
double track
Green River
Book Cliffs
Thompson Pass 5230 dirt road Green River, Crescent Junction Book Cliffs
Willow Springs Rd s(u) 5070 dirt road Moab Arches National Park
  4999 - 4000    
Promontory Divide(sh) 4980 double track Promontory Range Penrose
Hurrah Pass 4780 jeep road Colorado Canyons Moab