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Sand Wash s(u)

The name sounds more appealing to boaters than to bikers, I would guess. But this makes a much better bike ride than it sounds, and there is barely any sand on the route. One end point of this route is an isolated boat launch on the Green River, serving Desolation Canyon, Grey Canyon and other attractions.

1.START-END EAST: Sand Wash Boat Launch
2.jct with Wrinkle Rd on left
3.TOP: 6580ft, Sand Wash Rd s(u)
4.START-END WEST jct with county road at Castle Peak Well


From South.
In order to go up it, you probably had to come down it first (even though there may be some other tracks to the north, that i haven't explored yet). The starting point on the profile is easily the most magical and interesting spot along the journey. The Green River winds between pastel colored badlands of varying shades and heights and tamerisk, several meters high, forms a kind of whispering wetland plain at its sides.

The climb up to the junction with Wrinkle Road (described on the Gate Canyon page) shows off more variations on the sandy cliff theme. Above that the climb becomes pretty steep in places and stays along the bottom of steep grassy hills. At the top a far view to the Uinta Mountains over what seems like a rolling plain without trees, opens up.

From North. (described downwards) My original plan was to take one of the many dirt tracks, direction west to connect to Gate Canyon and the Nine Mile Canyon Road. But there is a problem with that plan. There are signs along the way. However they always only, and without exception, point the way to Salt Wash, which is where I came from. They never say where the other paths lead. As it turned out most of the ones I tried ended at a well site. But the map does show many that go through.

Staying on the main road direction Myton is easy and fast enough. It may be a little rough for some gravel bikes, but was no problem for the old Klein Mantra.

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A Dayride with this point as intermediate summiti is on page: Gate Canyon s(u)