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Name surface elevation (ft) nearby towns location
    9000 - 9999    
Sawtell Peak Rd(ow) unpaved 9880 West Yellowstone Centennial Range
Mt Harrison(ow) paved 9210 Burley Albion Mtns
    8000 - 8999  
Galena Old Toll Rd Trail s(u) trail 8810 Ketchum Sawtooth Range
Corral Creek Summit unpaved 8733 Mackay Pioneer Mtn foothiills
Galena Summit unpaved 8707 Ketchum Boulder, Smoky Mtns, Sawtooth Mtns
Danish Pass unpaved 8520 St Charles Bear River Range
FR411 Egan Basin s(u) unpaved 8500 St Charles Bear River Range
Doublespring  Pass unpaved 8320 Mackay Lost River Range
FR408-421 German Dugway s(u) unpaved 8160
Bear River Range
FR406 Franklin Basin Rd(sh) unpaved 8120 Logan, Ut Bear River Range
Loristica Campground s(u) unpaved 8120 Mackay Lost River Range
    7000 - 7999  
Horseheaven Pass unpaved 7960 Mackay Lost River Range
Trail Creek Summit unpaved 7880 Ketchum Boulder Mtns, Pioneer Mtns
FR538 Oakley - Rogerson Rd s(u) unpaved 7840 Oakley, Rogerson Sawtooth NF - Cassia Division
Williams Creek Summit unpaved 7810 Salmon Salmon River Mtns
Pass Creek Summit unpaved 7641 Mackay Lost River Range
Morgan Creek Summit unpaved 7595 Salmon Salmon River Mtns
Pike Mountain s(u) unpaved 7580 Hansen Sawtooth NF - Cassia Division
FR28 Williams Lake Rd s(u) unpaved 7570 Salmon Salmon River Mtns
FR128 Salmon area s(u) unpaved 7440 Salmon Salmon River Mtns
Id36 Williams Canyon s(u) paved 7424
Bear River Range
Jensen Pass unpaved 7420

Geneva Summit paved 7186

FR500 Oakey - Rogerson Rd (sh)-1 unpaved 7170 Oakley, Rogerson Sawtooth NF - Cassia Division
Elba Pass unpaved 7100 Oakley, Almo Albion Mtns
Banner Summit paved 7056 Haley Sawtooth Range foothills
Arco Pass unpaved 7000 Arco Lost River Range
Beaverland Pass unpaved 7000 Arco Lost River Range
    6000 - 6999  
Green Canyon Pass unpaved 6920 Island Park Yellowstone Plateau
Pine Creek Pass paved 6764

Brushy Fork - Spruce Creek Divide unpaved 6480 Lolo Bitterroot Mtns
FR544 Indian Springs Rd s(u) unpaved 6440 Hansen Sawtooth NF - Cassia Divison
FR595 Lolo Pass - Granite Pass s(u) unpaved 6440 Lolo Bitterroot Mtns
Border Summit paved 6358

FR487 Squaw Creek Rd - Seven Devils Rd s(u) unpaved 6220 Riggins Seven Devils Mountains
Emery Pass unpaved 6130 Oakley, Almo Albion Mtns
Mores Creek Summit paved 6118 Idaho City Boise Mtns
Beaver Creek Summit paved 6063 Lowman Boise Mtns
Craters of the Moon NP s(u) paved 6060 Arco Snake River Plain / Pioneer Mtns
    5000 - 5999  
FR2028 Skookumchuck Rd s(u) unpaved 5960 Grangeville Clearwater Mtns
    4000 -4999
FR307 Placerville Rd s(u) unpaved 4930 Idaho City, Placerville Boise Mtns
Banner Ridge s(u) unpaved 4570 Haley Clearwater Mtns
Old White Bird Hill Rd s(u) paved 4420 Grangeville, White Bird Clearwater Mtns
White Bird Hill Rd (sh) paved 4360 Grangeville, White Bird Clearwater Mtns
Brownlee Summit paved 4131 Cambridge Hell's Canyon
    3000 - 3999